Review: Tony Moly Mini Tint #1 Cherry Pink

I'm back again with another review, another Tony Moly product: Tony Tint. I got mine in mini size because it was super cute and dirt cheap and of course just because it's always better to try it out in mini size first before buying the full size.

I got mine from the Tony Moly Store in Singapore for only S$2 / IDR 15,000 (sekitar setahun yang lalu, sebelum Singapore dollar jadi mahal banget). Let me tell you one thing before I continue with the review, this tint is super super pigmented. I'm not even kidding. I was literally shocked the first time I tried this because I have never tried anything so pigmented like this one. Okay, let's just get to real review.

This Tony Moly Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream comes in a mini round plastic bottle with a doe foot applicator like how lip glosses and tints usually are. The packaging is really cute and super handy for travelling. I like how it is super mini sized but still has enough product to last quite a long time for a very cheap price.

The applicator is really great in picking up the product so you have to be really careful that you won't apply too much on your lips. The packaging is not that great though, it always leaked so I simply don't carry this around.

See what I mean by super pigmented? This lip tint is insanely vibrant. It also dries really quick so you have to blend it quickly if you do not want to see patches of stains on your lips like on my second swatch image. Although it is really vibrant, it gives a super pretty and natural colour if you apply little dots and blend it with your fingers.

I don't adore this tint simply because it dries my lips so badly. Sooo bad that it will instantly turn my moisturized and soft lips to chapped lips in less than an hour. Horrible.

However, lately I've been loving this tint as a blusher. I find this tint to be insanely pretty when combined with CC cream and used on my cheeks. I like it better than powder blusher because I prefer my cheeks to look naturally glowy from the usage of BB cream and CC cream, and I simply do not want to cover them up with any make up product in powder form.

Here is some swatches I have taken of the tint combined with Tony Moly Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream. I like to use 5 dots of the tint with less than a pea size of CC cream and then I will blend them with 2 fingers and apply lightly to both of my cheeks.

I have been using this on my cheeks a lot lately and I am loving how it looks on my cheeks so much. Staying power? I would sat it is not that great when used on lips. It only stayed on my lips for about 2 hours before it is completely gone. I don't know if it's just me or it really is not that great. I hate how it really dries my lips though so I definitely don't use this on my lips. On cheeks however, the staying power is amazing. It stays all day long and does not fade at all. I love it! Plus it makes my cheeks look super pretty and glowy when combined with CC cream.

Some selcas using the tint, on my cheeks and lips! pardon the messy background.
Can you see the colour on my cheeks? You can always click on the images for a bigger picture if you need to :P

What I like:
  • Pretty colour ♥
  • Dirt cheap
  • Super cute size
  • Really handy for travelling
  • Applicator is really great in picking the products
  • AMAZING as a blush!
  • A little goes a long way
What I dislike:
  • Does not last long on the lips
  • Dry my lips soooo badly
  • Leaked. Not so great packaging.
  • Smells like cough syrup
Overall Rating: 3.5/5
Repurchase? Not so sure, because I would rather try other tints. But I might repurchase because it is just super cheap.

Price: Bought mine for IDR 15,000 / around $1.5

Have you ever tried this tint before? What do you think?
Lipstick, Gloss or Tints? What is your favourite lip product?


  1. ive been wanting to try out red blush (i even considered buying nyx blush in red) but im kinda afraid bc i have pretty fair skin. mixing this with cc cream is a great idea as it's very pigmented by itself and no one wants red clowny cheeks lol. i think im gonna pass on this, or i might buy the sample size for blush purpose as well!

  2. I was debating on whether or not I should get this so thanks for the review Bella! :D It's a really pretty tint, but the dryingg. ;-; Very smart of you to mix it with your CC Cream. I would have never thought of doing something like that. :3

  3. If you're afraid that red blush will make you look weird, you should try red blush that goes towards pink maybe? I think it will look really amazing especially because you are fair skinned :) This one also is also more towards magenta than red and I think the colour would look super great on anyone! You can definitely buy the mini size :P It's super cheap and I think it is really worth the try!

  4. The dryinggggggg. It's horrible. but you should definitely give this a try if you prefer using tint as a blush because the colour is amazing and a litle goes a really long way :) why not try this tiny version first before deciding whether you should buy the bigger size or not. Thank you for visiting!

  5. When I read it was super pigmented, I said a "yay!" in my head, then I read drying! My lips are already naturally dry, this'll probably make them cracked like the Sahara desert XD Great review!

  6. I have the full size and it definitely is super pigmented ._.
    I haven't tried this out as a blush tho so I might try it out as a blush xD Thank you for the review Bella~

  7. I knowwww!!!! sahara desert hahahaha. I have dry lips naturally too and it sucks when lip tint suck the moisture from my lips. Thank you <3

  8. You should definitely give it a try ^^ You're welcome! <3

  9. waaa, you're so cute~~ I love the color~