Review: Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion in Natural Beige W13

I am finally able to try cushion BB cream!! *throws confetti* Hahaha I've been wanting to try cushion BB cream for the longest time ever and I am proud to say that I finally got one :p I know. The trend is probably over by now but stilll ... Thank you to w2beauty for sponsoring! Will introduce w2beauty to all of you but let's start with the review first~ :D oh, please beware this post is image heavyyyyyyy! This product is surprisingly super photogenic and I enjoyed myself too much taking pictures of this gorgeous baby.

Product Description:
This cushion pact perfects all-day radiant and moist skin with its multi-function of brightening, wrinkle-reducing, sebum control, and flawless coverage.

Pick up certain amount of contents with puff and spread evenly by lightly patting onto skin.

Net weight: 0.52 oz. / 15g

As you can see, I got mine in the shade W13 natural beige. The packaging of this cushion pact is really pretty. The design is super simple yet feels really princessy, just like most Etude House products. Most of the information is written in Korean but enough English translation is provided on the side of the box packaging. Expiry date, printed on the side, is given by the '12M' symbol. Meaning that this product will expire in 12 months after first opening.

Inside the box, you will find the pact with manufacturing date printed behind. In my opinion this is really important so that we know that our cushion pact is new and that it is not an old stock. Opening the pact, you will find a huge mirror and a round puff. I find the huge mirror to be extremely useful especially when you are bringing this pact around and couldn't find any mirror. Very handy, right?

Below this puff, you will find a second lid to store the puff and to keep the BB cream under from drying. Don't worry though, the pact is sealed, with a sticker, at first so that it won't get dry or spilled before you buy it :p

So, that is how the cushion looks like, covered with holes. I couldn't take macro shot but you should be able to see quite well. They are sooo tiny and countless. I don't know if it's just me, but I feel disgusted looking at those little holes. Okay, It's just me. For the sake of the review, I dipped my finger to show you the texture, despite feeling disgusted.

The smell of this cushion pact is lovely. It's subtle but you can definitely smell it when you apply it on your face. I did a little coverage test on lip tint and eyeliner to show you how it covers redness and imperfections.

You can definitely tell that it has amazing coverage, I would say around medium. I like how it evens out and brightens my complexion. It is easy to blend. Also, a little goes a long way. I find that you don't need much product to cover the entire face. However, even though I feel that this cushion pact is kinda moisturizing, it accentuates dry areas and can easily make my face look cakey. Definitely not a good thing but maybe that's just me because I do have dry skin. It's not that obvious though. and also this product feels kinda heavy on my face, maybe because of the fact that this pact gives the skin somewhere in between dewy and matte finish. I usually prefer dewy finish so, yeah. I think it would be fine for those with normal/oily skin though. Oh, this cushion pact has SPF50+/PA+++, isn't is great?

edit: I have found that this actually works wonder if you moisturized you face really well beforehand, especially if you have dry skin like mine. Try using moisturizing makeup base. I did a little extra step in moisturizing my face, used a moisturizing base, and this product doesn't cake at all. In fact it creates a smooth silky finish to the skin and will stay really well up until 8 hours. It also has a really great oil control, my T-zone stayed matte for the whole day when I used this :D I actually starts to really love this cushion pact. I brought it everywhere with me during the weekend. 

Here is a before and after picture of my cheek.

Pardon the ugly pores :') See how it brightens my complexion and cover imperfections, even the redness, acne scars and pores. I am in a love-hate situation with this cushion pact. I love it because it is just so handy to use and easy to bring around but I hate how it cakes. I'm not sure if I'm gonna use this often in the future but I'll try to work it on so that it is still wearable.  I am absolutely loving this! Now I know why cushion pact is such a trend nowadays.

So, here are some ugly selfies to show you how this product looks like on me. Please pardon my messy hair and brows, also my dark circles :p alsooo I do notice my eyes were kinda weird here with uneven eyelids. I don't know what happened. Hahahahaha don't laugh!!

You can get this Etude House Any Cushion for $33.60 at w2beauty. Don't forget to enter my email bellaterentia(at)hotmail(dot)com or this code 16505311 to get immediate $5 voucher, to be used with minimum $30 purchase, when you sign up.

Okayyyyyyyy, done with review. So now lemme introduce w2beauty to all of you!!

W2beauty is wonderful online shop selling many Korean brands makeup and skincare products. They have every Korean beauty brands. Whatever you need.. W2beauty is owned by Alice. Let me tell you something, Alice is a wonderful owner! She is soooo kind. Talking to her through e-mail was fun. She replied emails pretty quick too! If you have any question regarding the web or your order, just email her. I'm sure she will reply you back :D 

Oh, have I mentioned this? You also get lots of samples and free gifts on every order and of course FREE SHIPPING worldwide! Don't you just love shops with free shipping without any minimum order?! and oh! as you can see browsing through the web is really easy. Categories according their usage and brands are provided on the top and side bar so you can easily check the products according to your own preferences.

They also took double precaution when it comes to shipping. They will kindly bubble wrap each of your orders and then put them in a box surrounded by bubble wraps inside. Every products were made sure that they will reach you safely. It took the package 10 days to arrive to my place. It's quite fast!

I forgot to take pictures before I unwrapped them all. I was too excited okay, but you can see below these products, are all bubble wraps. Also, notice how every box were in their perfect condition and none are dented. In every package you will get this little cute thank you card and this grape candy. Isn't she sweet? I lovee the candy! I wish I got more :p

Check out w2beauty, also don't forget to follow on Facebook and Twitter for updates ♥

Pheww, what a long post. Hope the review was helpful! :D 
Have you ever tried this or any other cushion before? What do you think?
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note: product was sent to me for review purposes 
however my opinions are 100% honest.
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  1. Ah the cushion bb trend! I haven't jumped onto this band wagon yet! It looks like it would work well, but as you mentioned, I don't like cakey-like products either. :/ I may just stick with BBs for now. ^__^ w2beauty is great! I really liked my first experience ordering with them! However, my only complaint is that the shipping takes a full 2 weeks to reach the US where I am. That can't really be helped, so I order from Alice when I'm not in a hurry for stuff ^__^ She offers really great prices too. Very affordable and you can't beat free shipping! I paid the $2 and some change for tracking to make ensure delivery, but I think it'll be safe to opt for free shipping. Great review Bella! You look fantastic with no makeup at all! You can really see how the product brightens your skin tone though! very niiiice! ^^

  2. i thought this kind of stuff is something thats supposed to look natural and not cakes o_o im really thinking to buy this kind of cushion product bc it looks so fun!! but would prob buy the refill one bc the one w the packaging is so expensive ;_; thanks for your review!! btw i received your package already everything is nicely packed thank you!!

  3. This cushion is such a trend atm haha. Everyone owns it :D I was thinking about getting it too but I hate that it accentuates dry patches and looks cakey ;__; I don't think I'm going to get it. Don't worry about the selcas they're not weird !! c:

  4. Haha, do you have trypophobia too? It's such a weird, icky sensation when I see lots of little holes or clusters of bubbles.
    The cushion looks really nice on you! The pore coverage is amazing!

  5. Noooooo I experimented a little bit and add a little extra step in moisturizing my face andddd this one works wonders! It doesn't cake at all. I think it was just me and my dry skin :3 You should totally check this product~ It's worth the hype! kekeke. Oh yeahhh I loveee free shipping <3 I hate it when shipping cost is even higher than the price for the products I buy. Thank you so much Anna :D

  6. Yesssss this is definitely an amazing product. It was just me and my dry skin :( I did a little extra step in moisturizing my face and boy! I was so wrongggggggg. This product is seriously worth the hype :3 Yayyyy glad that you received the package already~ Hope you like all the prizes.

  7. Hehehehe it sure is a huge trend, especially in Korea :3 Noooo pleasee re-read the part after I did the coverage test. It definitely was just me and my dry skin! This product is definitely worth it :D Thank youuuuu Mindy <3

  8. YESSSSSSSS I think soooooo omg. I feel really disgusted looking at those little holes that I feel like I wanna puke :'( Do you feel this way too? Yesssssss the coverage of this product is amazinggg <3

  9. After read your review now I want try this product!

    I've still yet to pick up my first cushion BB/foundation, so I'm going to be mega late to this bandwagon. BUT THE ETUDE ONE IS SO FRICKEN CUTE and the coverage is pretty decent too! :D (IF I EVER GET RICH ONE DAY, I'D FILL UP MY VANITY WITH THE CUTEST MAKEUP AND ETUDE HOUSE AND PAUL + JOE PRODUCTS WILL BE THE HIT OF MY COLLECTION)

  11. cc kok any cushion kotaknya beda ya ? soalnya biasanya ak ngeliat orang" pake kotak yang warna pink/pputih . tapi punya cc logonya beda . apa keluaran terbaru ya ? @@

  12. the coverage is amazing! it covers the pore perfectly :)

    thanks for the review.


  13. Bedanya apa sama yang logo E? packagingnya mirip banget sama magic any cushion..

  14. Sama aja Gadis :D Kayaknya ini new packaging design aja :) Iya mirip banget sama magic any cushion, cuma beda nya ini putih...