Circle Lens: GEO HoliCat Lovely Choco

Hello girls, so sorry for being inactive for a few weeks. I had a few stuffs to do and was too busy or rather too lazy to update the blog. I am back with a circle lens review! :D

I can never get enough of natural looking circle lenses. I always feel like I definitely need to try coloured lenses but I am always so attracted to the natural ones, especially now that I have brown hair I always want to have eyes that complement my brown hair.

I am glad that I have the chance to try this latest lens series from Geo circle lens. The GEO HoliCat series comes in 5 different colours/patterns: Sexy Gray, Lovely Choco, Cutie Brown, Barbie Hazel and Funky Blue. I got mine in Lovely Chocosponsored by

It comes in a cute peach and pink box with a cute cat girl illustration :3 I think the packaging is super cute! Definitely one of the best circle lenses packaging I have ever seen.

The circle lenses are packed in blisters. This is always a plus point for me because it is so much easier to open than the traditional vial bottles. Lenses in blisters are also a lot safer during shipping because it does not break easily like vial bottles do. 

Description (taken from :

Power Range0.00 ∼ -8.00
Base Curve8.70mm
Water Content40±2%
Life SpanMonthly 

DESIGN: ♥♥♥♥♥
I am so in love with the pattern on this lens. It has random sized lighter and darker lines, making it look super natural when used. It does not look fake at all. The pixels are visible on the picture above but it disappears when you put it on. It's just lovely. Don't you agree? ;)

COLOUR: ♥♥♥♥♥
The brown colour of this lens is just purfectttttt. It makes my eyes a shade lighter but still in a natural way. It's just awesome. I love how it has light brown outer rings, not black or dark brown like most lenses, making it look super natural because it really changes my eye colour but blends in really well at the same time. 

COMFORT: ♥♥♥♥♥
I don't feel any discomfort wearing this lenses. It isn't drying and it definitely doesn't irritate my eyes. I am pretty sure that this would be a lot more comfortable than other GEO lenses because the lifespan of this lens is only a month.

I am seriously in love with the size of this lens. It's just so perfect for daily use. It enlarged my eyes without making me look weird without any makeup on. Remember the last time I did a review on Neo Cosmo Dali Extra Size Brown? Although the specification tells that this lens has bigger diameter, it actually feels a little bit smaller than Neo Cosmo Dali Extra Size when worn.

Here are more pictures and of course a few selfies. So sorry for the blurry pictures, for some reason my hands just couldn't stop shaking.

These are taken indoor.

These are taken outdoors.

The colour just shows a lot better outdoor. It matches my hair colour really well. I'm just so in love with it. Too bad it only has a month lifespan, I wish it was at least 3 months. But still, I am super in love with this lens and I highly recommend it to you if you like natural looking lenses, especially if you dislike ones with dark or black outer ring :D

It is currently on sale on GeoColouredLenses. You can get this lens or any from this series HERE on for only $23.50 + free worldwide shipping. Yay! Who doesn't love free shipping. I DO! :p

What do you think of this lens? Have you ever tried it before?
Which one from this series would you like to try the most?

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note: product was sent to me for review purposes
but my opinions and reviews are 100% honest.


  1. Wow, the circle lenses look great on you. So cute :)

  2. Korean-Lens shop still offers the best prices? I was wondering if someone followed the shops and know where to find the best prices now ? Last time I bought online the best offer was on this shop because of BUY 2 GET 1 FREE and other offers.

    Anything better now to buy cheap contact lenses ? (I do not need correction).

    Thank you for your help.

  3. omg these lenses are sooo pretty, they're so natural but still enlarging! I think they look awesome on you!! I love these natural lenses but I agree that 1 month life span is too short and they're so expensive considering that you have to buy a new pair every month :/ From this series I like the lovely choco and the cutie brown the best eheh~
    Thanks for the review though, Bella >w<


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