Etude House Help My Finger Quick Dry Drop

I am always impatient when it comes to waiting for nail polish to dry. I can never wait for them to dry fully before I do other activities so I always end up ruining them. When I knew that there is such thing that could help my nail polish to dry quicker, I knew I have to try it. W2Beauty kindly sponsored me to try this Quick Dry Drop from Etude House. Does it work? Check it out!

Etude House Help My Finger Quick Dry Drop comes in a lovely pink and white box packaging. Just look at the mini illustration on the front side of the box, ISN'T IT SUPER CUTE? I can't understand what those korean words mean but it is just so cute how Etude House literally explained the concept of the quick dry drop with a relaxing nail and hair dryer.

This magical potion promotes quick drying of nail color and fuses manicure layers into one high-gloss protective shield that resists wear and tear.

Apply 1-2 drops into color-coated nail.

Vol: 10ml (0.33 fl. oz.)

Inside you will find a super adorable round glass bottle that comes with white rubber bulb and a dropper. It's pretty straightforward right? You just have to squeeze the bulb to drop the solution. The texture of the solution is surprisingly thin and watery. It just feels as if you're dropping water onto your nails. It spreads really well onto the whole nail too. I find that 1 drop is all you need for each nail, except the thumbs which require 2 drops to cover the whole nail.

Nail polishes would dry quicker when you use this. It doesn't dry like immediately after, like I wished it to be :p but it does help to dry nails quicker than usual. I find it to be extremely helpful so that I don't ruin my nail polish, especially when I am in a hurry.

The only thing that I dislike from this I find that the rubber bulb is actually kinda hard to squeeze also a little short. I hope it would be just be a little longer for easier usage. Not really a problem though, I am still pretty fine with it. The great thing about this dropper is that it doesn't drop any solution if you don't squeeze the bulb. It wouldn't make a mess so you don't have to hurriedly aim to drop the solution because it would not drop at all when you don't squeeze it. Understand what I am saying? Hahaha.

Here's a little demonstration of the Quick Dry Drop in action :) I can't show how it drops on the nail okay I need the other hand to take the picture. I feel like a friggin scientist doing some experiments with this dropper.

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What do you think? Do you always ruin your nail polish before it dries like I do?
Here's what I did to my nails while testing for this drop solution.
Will be posting what I used to achieve the look on the blog very soon. Stay tuned ;)

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note: This product was sent to me for review purposes, 
however my opinions are 100% honest.
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  1. Oh looks like an excellent product!

  2. Ah, again your photos never fail to amaze me! So lovely, just love your lighting. Also, I really need this product! *__* And, your nails are fabulous! ^___^

  3. Wow! Your nails look pretty! And thanks for sharing this product! I also have the problem of ruining my nails just minutes after applying them. xp

  4. I have tried different brands of similar style products and always thought that even though it helps with the drying time it isnt fast enough for me. If you are looking for a really fast drying solution, try mavala quick dry top coat, it is truly amazing!

  5. You should give it a try someday if you love doing your nails :D

  6. Thank you <3 will definitely check out your giveaway!

  7. Thank you Uisa :) You should try this product someday then

  8. Awwwww. I was hoping this one could help to dry a lot faster too :p but heyyy thank you for the suggestion! I will definitely look into it :D

  9. pretty nails !!
    i always being impatient too when i must wait my nails to dry