Circle Lens: Geo Princess Mimi Almond Brown

Hello everyone! I am back with another Circle Lens, this time it's Geo Princess Mimi Almond Brown. Got this lens from Geocolouredlenses last month but I was still figuring out a better spot to take clearer selfie shots. Hopefully it's better than last time. Okay let's get started.

Geo Princess Mimi comes in 4 different colours Apple Green, Chocolate Brown, Sesame Grey, and Almond Brown which I'll be reviewing today. Geo Princess Mimi Almond Brown has a soft dark brown colour with super defined black limbal ring. What's so special about this lens then? Geo Princess Mimi circle lenses are designed by Tsubasa Masuwaka, one of the most influential and popular Japanese teen model.

Geo Princess Mimi Almond Brown comes in vial bottles packaging. You should check if yours have the Geo authentic check stickers, scratch and key in the serial number on this website to see if yours is genuine or not, because apparently there are lots and lots of fake lenses. So, be careful! :)

Lens Specification taken from Geocolouredlenses

DESIGN: ♥♥♥♥
These lenses have a super defined black limbal ring, perfect if you are looking for a dolly look. I was actually afraid that the black ring would look crazy on me but instead it really defines the eyes and make it look super dolly.

COLOR: ♥♥♥♥♥
The color of these lenses are super natural, they blend nicely with my dark eyes. The brown part on the lenses actually look kinda greyish on my eyes thus giving a super subtle shine that reflects on the eyes when the light hits the eyes. Really loving the gradient effect that it gives my eyes before the black limbal ring.

COMFORT: ♥♥♥♥♥
I don't feel any discomfort wearing this lenses. I can wear this for up to 7 or 8 hours without using an eyedrop.

It is a little huge for me if I don't do any eye makeup but it is super perfect when I want to look innocent and dolly. Might be a little too much for daily use but these lenses are definitely gorgeous when paired with the right eye makeup and fake lashes.

Here are a few comparison and of course selfies!

It is currently on sale on GeoColouredLenses. You can get this lens or any from this series HERE on for only $23.50 + free worldwide shipping.

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note: product was gifted  to me for review purposes 
but my opinions and reviews are 100% honest.


  1. cantik banget !

  2. These used to be my favorite circle lenses, but they were a bit too huge for me. :) I can't wear anything bigger than 14.2 mm or else it looks unnatural on me! But they look gorgeous on you dear.

  3. These lashes are soo popular! I see them all over the Internet, literally everyone has them haha. It's the first time I see photos of you with dolly circle lenses, I remember that you usually only wear lenses with a 14-14.2mm diameter, you look reeeally dolly haha :D but it looks nice on you~!
    Btw, can you tell me what eyebrow pencil you're using? Whenever I'm filling in my eyebrows with eyebrow pencil they never turn out this light T T They're still pitch black oh my ;-; TELL ME UR SECRET TO UR PERFECT BROWS T__T

  4. I do agree that they are a bit huge. It looks super unnatural on me too if I wear none or only minimal makeup. Thank you Giselle :)

  5. Glad that you find the review helpful kekeke. Thank you Sherry :)
    Thank you for the visit too. Will definitely visit your blog!

  6. YESS these lenses are everywhereeeee that's why I finally decided to give it a try and see what's so great about it. Turned out it makes you look super dolly in an instant hahaha.
    I used Etude House Drawing Eyebrow AD #3 brown. LOL but please don't have too high expectation to help you get lighter looking brows. Mine could look like that because the hairs of my brows are very very sparse and thin. So, whenever I fill my eyebrows super lightly, the color would shows really well and blend into my eyebrows because there are no dark hair color :P Maybe you should try eyebrow mascara if you want lighter looking eyebrows? :D

  7. I love these lenses~ :3
    They have such a dolly look! C:

  8. I really like this color, I love to wear contact lenses as they bloom your look. I have used the Nudy Color Lenses. They are amazing and you will definitely love this.