NOTW: Orly Pink Nude & Rocker Chick

I am back with another nail post! I've been using so much colour polishes lately and I'm kinda bored so it's time for nude colors. Yayy... I got these mini Orly nail polishes a while ago from a giveaway (can't remember which, sorry). Haven't have the chance to actually use them and I thought these two, Pink Nude and Rocker Chick, would make a wonderful combination. Turns out I was right! This combination is just so gorgeous, so sparkly yet classic, and of course work appropriate.

I used three coats of Pink Nude to get even and almost opaque finish. It was kinda hard to work with though, consistency is a little bit too thin for my liking and application was kinda streaky. It was okay with 3 coats but I still see some streaks on some nails. 4 coats should be enough for fully opaque nails. But overall I am loving the color! It is nearly-white with very subtle pink hues in it. I really do think the color is great for french manicure but then it would be better if this is jellish like.

Rocker Chick however is super gorgeous! It contains fine multi-color glitters in a clear base. This sheer glitter is just perfect for layering. It doesn't have that much glitters but it will look super gorgeous when paired with nude polishes because the glitters will add shines and sparks to your nails, making them look super glossy even after a few days.

I am super loving this combination, although I think it is mostly because of Rocker Chick. Hahaha.
What do you think?

Hope you enjoy reading the blog! See you on my next post :)♥


  1. Love your nail design! It's so simple but the sparkles are really pretty :)


  2. LOVE the combo! Especially the nude nailplosh! It's so pretty Bella!

  3. wow your nail looks really long and pretty! The combination is reall cute too >.<;; The sparkles are really adorable and cute hehe


  4. Wow! The nail design looks so pretty~ Although the colour of
    the Pink Nude is beautiful, it sucks that it goes on a bit streaky.. But the
    combination between the Pink Nude and Rocker Chick colour match perfectly with
    each other though ^-^ Thank you for sharing this nail design with us!

  5. Very pretty, definitely elongates your fingers! Perfect mani! ^__^

  6. Thank youuu <3 Yes the nude is super pretttyy~

  7. Hahaha they are indeed super long. I've been really lazy to trim and reshape them so I just let them grow. Thank you Mindy :)

  8. Isn't it too bad Pink Nude goes streaky? because the color is amazing. You're welcome :) thank you for visiting the blog!