GULA CO. Yummy Lip Scrub in Strawberry

Doesn't the title sound so yummmyyyyy? Today I'll be reviewing GULA CO. Yummy Lip Scrub in Strawberry! For those who doesn't understand Indonesian, gula means sugar. kekeke. Gula Co is a local homemade brand, made from entirely 100% natural ingredients. Psttt. The owner is a friend of mine, so I can assure you it really is 100% homemade and risk-free.

This yummy lip scrub comes in 5 delicious flavors. Hahaha. Honey, Coffee, Green Tea, Strawberry, Chocolate. I completely squealed when I first knew about Gula Co. The concept is just super cute and too yummy to resist. Let me just show you a few graphics made by them to explain each of the different product.

DON'T ALL OF THEM SOUND SO YUMMY? YES! YES YES! It was even hard for me to just pick one. I was so gonna pick Cocoa or Coffee but then I wanted something that smells really refreshing so I went with their best seller, Strawberry.

The product comes in a clear plastic jar with screw on lid which contains 20 gram of product. Every jar also comes with an little 'manual book' which answers all of your questions about this yummy lip scrub.

Because mine is Strawberry, it is pink hued. It smells and tastes just like sugar and strawberry, sweet and sour. YES! I tasted it. me likeyyyy. I probably even ate it more than using it as a scrub. No worries, I asked and they told me it is perfectly fine to consume them kekeke. The grains are kinda big, in my opinion. I was hoping that it would be a little finer for easier and milder application. When I first opened my jar, I thought it would be difficult to scoop the product out but to my surprise they are really easy to apply.

I loveeeee it! It does an amazing job in smoothing my lips. You don't have to scrub so hard. It is important to exfoliate your lips 1-2 times per week to remove dead skin cells as well as help brightens them up. My lips would feel super soft every time I use this. I'm loving it. Not to mention, the scrubs just smell and taste amazing, a big plus!

Oh, because this lip scrub doesn't contain any coloring, preservatives or any other chemical mixture, it is completely safe to use. But then because Gula Co doesn't use any preservatives, the product doesn't last that long, more or less 2 to 3 months. You'll know when it starts smelling or tasting weird. No worries, I think you'll be able to finish them even before it's expiry date. Hahaha.

Moreover, it is super affordable okay! It is only IDR 30,000 for a huge 20 gram of product. They are also currently selling babies size which contains only 6 gram for IDR 15.000. Great if you want to try it out first before buying full-size.

LINE natashaale • WHATSAPP 0878-8083-8487 • EMAIL

ALSO! They will be launching another product soon~ LIP BALM? Check their Instagram out! Follow to get their latest updates. Of course just let me know if you have any questions. Hope you enjoy reading this, See you on my next post! :)♥


  1. Duh pengen icip yg ocha! Nice post Bel, ini racun yang sesungguhnya T.T

  2. Waa.. Gula.. Cute banget ^^
    NIce review

  3. Cute packaging! Those scents/flavors sound really nice too! Yum!

  4. Iyaa aku juga dulu biasa bikin scrub sendiri keke.. lama-lama jadi males... Ini unyu bangetttt ada rasa-rasanya. Bener-bener irresistible hahaha. Thank you Dewie~ :)

  5. Ayoooo cobain! Lucu bangett yah. Aku aja uda punya tapi tetep masi pengen banget cobain yang lain XD

  6. The packaging is so cute >.<;; Did you get this scrub for free because of your friend? haha~ I would love to try the cocoa one *Q* They sound so delicious lol ♥ I honestly never use lip scrubs xD I guess its time to ^-^;;;;

    Mindy ♥

  7. cute banget packagingnyaa
    jadi pengen coba yang coffee + honey

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  9. Yesssss. Hahaha Lip scrubs is important!! but you can easily substitute it with your toothbrush kekekeke.

  10. Iyaaaa. Gemesin bangettt emang. Ayoo di cobaaaa mereka lagi produksi babies size hihi

  11. Iyaaa emang agak kasar sihhh, Biasa kalo aku ngerasa scrubs nya agak kasar aku suka pakein ke bibir pas ga fully kering, jadi nya otomatis gulanya berasa lebih soft. I ate like 1/3 of the jar already lols. Thank you for visiting!