3 Dry Skin Must Have Products

Etude House Petit Bijou Cotton Snow Intensive Care Cream

This is by far the best body lotion / moisturizer I have ever tried in my life before. It hydrates and moisturizes the skin so well that it gets absorbed completely and smoothen your skin within seconds. I am not a fan of using body lotion because most of them takes time to get absorbed and feels sticky or wet on the skin. That's why I have been skipping on putting moisturizer on my body despite the fact that I have dry and flaky skin. I wouldn't mind having dry skin as long as I don't have to go through the annoying feeling after putting on body lotion. It's bad I know, that's why I've been trying to find the perfect lotion/moisturizer for my body.

But this product is different than every product I have ever tried before. It dries off matte within seconds and feel super moisturizing to the fact that my skin would be smooth in no time even after my first usage. I completely fell in love with it the first time I tried putting it on my dry cracked heels. I could really tell that my heels got way better even after my second usage. Too bad I never take a picture before trying this product so I just can't show you how well this thing works. Also, I am super in love with the fact that it smells like baby powder. Just, lovely!

If you have dry skin and is hating the sticky feeling regular moisturizer / body lotion feels then I strongly encourage you to get this and give it a try! I'm super sure that you'll love it. You can thank me later :p I even ordered my second tube already even though I am not done with this one.

Clinique Moisture Surge Intense Fortifying Hydrator 

This has been my go to skin hydrator whenever I feel that the skin needs more than just my regular moisturizer. I did a review back then on Clinique Moisture Surge, a slightly lighter formula than this one, but I love this one way more than the Clinique Moisture Surge because it is a lot more moisturizing. I like to put this all over my face when I feel like my skin is drier than usual. I love love love how smooth it goes and how it gets absorbed real quick, leaving my skin feel super hydrated. Definitely will go and repurchase when I am done with this one.

Laneige Water Sleeping Pack 

This sleeping pack has been really popular lately. I was so curious about what's so great about it and so I purchased it a month ago. AND I LOVE IT! My skin will always get baby smooothhhhhh in the morning every time I put this on at night. Definitely a must try product! I am literally addicted to it. I've been putting it on almost every 2 days. It gets absorbed within seconds and there is no sticky feeling at all, exactly why I love it so much. I also love how it gives me a soothing and relaxing feeling at night. Wanna get baby smooth skin? Give this one a try!

Oh. I know I've been super inactive this month. I just started a new job and it's kinda hard for me to update the blog. I still need some time to get used to it before I could figure out the right time to take photos and write for the blog. It's kinda hard now because I don't have time in the morning before work as I have to help mom to take care of my little sis before she went to school and I would only reach home by 7 or 8 PM after work. So yeah, the best time that I have are weekends but then again not so much time. So yeah... See you guys on my next post soon, hopefully!


  1. The Petit Bijou cream makes my skin feel so soft! ^ 3 ^


  2. I hope things get less hectic soon and you can update more :) I use the Clinique moisture surge overnight mask on my oily skin and it adds a much needed dose of moisture during the drying winter times

  3. Your header....disappeared D:
    I used to loooooove the Laneige sleeping pack, but after a while, I found it to be less and less hydrating :( (Though, maybe it works better for you because you live in a hotter climate? CANADIAN WINTERS ARE NO MATCH AND I NEED A HEAVY DUTY MOISTURIZER, MAN)

    It's been forever since the last time I checked the blog. Oh life. sobs :'(
    Sometimes I do feel that it is inadequate for me too that I slather on 2nd layer for better result. just SOMETIMES though. I'm too poor to waste this precious thing.

  5. I hope so :( It's been hella hard for me to keep writing... /cries