Revlon Brilliant Strength 190 Entice

My nail of the week is Revlon Brilliant Strength 190 called Entice. Definitely one of the loveliest nail polish color I've ever have. Isn't it pretty?

Revlon 190 Entice is a muted pastel green turquoise. This nail polish is just so gorgeous. What you see on the bottle is what you will get on your nails. The color is so pretty and the consistency is just as amazing. 2 thin coats is all you need to get an opaque finish. You can even get away easily with 1 thicker coat.

Revlon 190 Entice ini warnanya pastel green turquoise yang agak muted. Cantik banget ya. Apa yang kamu lihat di botol itu adalah warna yang kamu dapet waktu di aplikasikan ke kuku. Warnanya bagus banget dan konsitensi kutek ini juga ga kalah oke. Kamu cuma perlu pake 2 lapis tipis untuk dapetin finish dan warna seperti di botol, bahkan 1 lapis kalo kamu suka aplikasiin kutek kamu lebih tebal dalam sekali pake.

Brilliant Strength? Seriously I am impressed with the quality of this nail polish. Nail polish, besides glitter, would usually only stays perfect for 2-3 days on my nails. Most of them would chip after 3 days and then completely ruined after 5-6 days. This doesn't happen with Revlon Brilliant Strength. It stays on my nails for 7 days with very minimal chipping. This is how my nails looked like after 7 days.

Nail polish ini sesuai banget sama namanya 'Brilliant Strength'. Aku bener-bener takjub sama nail polish ini. Selain nail polish glitter, biasanya kutek tuh cuma tahan 2-3 hari di kuku aku sebelum dia mulai ngelotek dan setelah 5-6 hari biasanya uda ancur deh. Revlon Brilliant Strength ini beda banget loh! Nail polish ini bahkan tahan di kuku aku sampe 7 hari dengan kerusakan yang minimal banget. Ini nih foto kuku aku setelah 7 hari. Masih bagus banget kan?

I do think that my Seche Vite top coat did take a part but I'm pretty sure it's also because of the formula of this Revlon Brilliant Strength nail polish. Thumbs up to Revlon for creating such a durable nail polish. Overall, I'm super impressed with the quality of this nail polish. Together with the super gorgeous shade, I couldn't even ask more. I will surely go and pick a few other colors the next time I find Revlon.

Emang sih mungkin Seche Vite top coat yang aku pake juga ambil bagian buat bikin nail polish ini tahan lama tapi aku yakin ini juga karena formula si Revlon Brilliant Strength makanya bisa tahan sampe seminggu tanpa chipping. Thumbs up to Revlon for creating such a durable nail polish. Overall, aku kagum banget sama kualitas nail polish ini apalagi ditambah dengan warna nya yang super lovely ini. Next time aku ke counter Revlon, aku pasti bakalan pick a few other colors.

note: this product was sent to me for review purposes
however my opinion is 100% honest.

Hope you enjoy reading the blog. See you on my next post! :)♥


  1. The color of this nail polish is soo pretty and the staying power sounds awesome too >.< ♥ Your nails still look really nice despite the fact they're 7 days old >.<

  2. Oh very beautiful and cute color dear~