False Lashes #HS-46

Hey! It's been ages, huh? Life has been pretty hectic for the past weeks and so I was always so tired. I'm not gonna lie but a part of me loves to procrastinate a lot, especially these days when I have only free time on the weekends, not on the weekdays anymore. If you have not known yet, I am finally working full-time starting from sometime last month, so yeah.. It's been kinda hard to keep on updating the blog while I even barely have time to rest. Okay! Enough with the rambling, let's get onto the review~

Bornpretty store have always been my favourite store to purchase false lashes, simply because they provide the best preview of each item just so I know exactly what I'm getting, crazy cheap prices especially when they are on sale, and of course because of the free shipping. I do have to say that the shipping does take some time but then when the item you get is of high quality but with super affordable price, it is just worth the wait. These are the two newest false lashes I got from BornPretty Store. They are HS-46 and R-26. I will review one of them first and I'll do the other very soon!

Let's start with my ultimate favourite lashes! It's called Pa-Dolly Love lashes with code HS-46, the one on the left on the picture above. I believe this is by far the most amazing false lashes I've ever tried up until today! Yes, I might not be an expert in false lashes but I've been trying really hard to find one which has the perfect style and thickness to suit my eyes and makeup style. By far, this one is the best! Don't believe me? See for yourself.

Why I love it so much? It gives you the perfect Va-Va-Voom lashes, with its super volumizing and dolly effect, but yet can still look super pretty and natural when worn with minimal makeup. It is super lightweight, let me repeat, super lightweight! I don't feel tired at all even though I had this on me for the whole day. The band is also super thin, thus super flexible. It has the perfect length and it is super easy to apply. If you are a beginner, then I highly recommend you to try this! Here are a few more pictures to show you how amazing these lashes are.

A few pictures of me wearing these lashes under several different lighting and angles. Sorry for the not so great picture quality, I will update with more photos once I have the time. These are just some selfies with my phone on my cousin's wedding 2 weeks ago.

However, not every false lashes are this perfect right. Because it has thin band and super lightweight lashes, it is kinda fragile. What I mean is that it can get easily destroyed when you accidentally bend the band. Also, I find it almost impossible to reuse after 2 times. So, you can only reuse these lashes around 3 times max. But that's just that. This point doesn't stop me from loving these lashes! I don't mind it being not reusable, it is super friggin cheap anyway. I could easily get a new box when I am done with it. Also, the best part is .... *drumrolls* IT IS ON SALE NOW!

You can get it for only $3.39 for 10 pairs of these lashes. Isn't that amazing? I literally screamed like mad when I knew that it was on sale. It is BornPrettyStore 4 years anniversary sale~ from Oct 17 to Nov 10. I'm getting a few boxes of these for myself and I'm telling you to try it too before the sale ends! You can get these lashes here on BornPrettyStore. Don't forget to use the code BTH10 to get additional 10% Off! 

Stay tuned for more pictures as well as the review for the other set of lashes 

note: Product was gifted to me for review purposes, 
however my opinions are 100% honest.


  1. Crazy! Murah bangeeeeet jadi pengen beli sekarang juga. Bel, ngomong-ngomong Sabtu lalu kamu dateng ke event Kojie-san nggak? I wanna say hi but I'm afraid if it wasn't you hehehe


  2. Iyaaa! Lagi on sale tuh.. Aku aja mau pesen 2 box sekalian sama yang lain-lainnya juga hahaha. Iya~~ Aku dateng hihihi. Aku juga sempet liat kamu kok tapi bingung mau sok kenal takut ga di anggep, jadi senyam senyum jaim aja deh :p

  3. Ah pengeeeen. Haduh racun di tanggal muda nih! hahaha
    Menyesaaaal, tau gitu aku sksd aja ya sama kamu hehe. Hope to see you again on the next event ya :D

  4. Hihihi sale nya masih sampe November 10 kok, jadi masi bisa pesen, tunggu gajian hahahaha! Iyaa~ Hopefully ya! Semoga aku bisa ikut event lagi lain kali :)

  5. These look really pretty and natural on you! How awesome considering the price! Will have to check these out for myself! ^_^

  6. Wow! Those lashes are soooo pretty ♥ I agree they give you vavavoom lashes, fit really well for asian eyes. I actually like lightweight lashes especially handmade ones. You looked stunning, Bella! :)


  7. Great review, the lashes look so cut and dolly but remain so natural on you ^^


    恵美より ♥