October 2014 Favourites

Been meaning to post this ever since the beginning of November but only got the time to actually finish this today. Finally October has just ended. It's just amazing how fast time flies and you don't even realize it. Rasanya kemarin baru aja ribut-ribut pemilihan presiden 2014, dan tiba-tiba sekarang Jokowi Kalla uda sah jadi presiden Indonesia untuk 5 tahun mendatang. Okay, enough with the politics. Emang kalo uda bertambah umur, otomatis jadi lebih conscious dan kepo ya tentang politik, even though in reality I'm completely lost.

Anyway! Today I wanna share with you a couple things I've been really loving for the past couple of months. Uda lama banget ga sih ga ngeshare monthly favorites, I don't even remember when was the last time I posted one, so I guess it's time.


// Coastal Scents 120 Palette Three
120 eyeshadows in one? decent quality with affordable price? Way to go Coastal Scents! Definitely grabbing this palette a lot lately, especially when I want to play around with some colors and experiment. Pas banget deh palette ini buat nyoba-nyoba. Super worth it dan ga bikin kantong bolong. My pick went to Palette number Three because of the pretty dark colors and I have to say that I'm glad that I chose this one.

// Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion in Natural Beige W13
Ini nih! My newest addiction! Rasanya kalo ga pake ini pas weekend itu ada yang kurang. Can't never leave the house without this on the bag. I love how it has super brightening effect and how it is just super easy to apply and looks super natural without having to use my hand directly. The only not-so-good thing is that I have to keep washing the puff to keep it hygienic. [Full review here]

// Sleek Face Form in Light
Not a fan of the shading color but I am super loving the highlighter and the blush. Bagus banget deh beneran, highlighter-nya di pake di tulang pipi tuh bikin kulit jadi keliatan kinclong banget dan warna blush-nya juga oke banget! Gives my face a subtle pretty glow, definitely an amazing yet affordable product to accentuate my cheekbone and make my skin look 10x healthier.

// Bobbi Brown Blush in Pretty Pink
The color is amazing, and a little goes a long way. I mean it! Crazily pigmented and it stays for a decent amount of time. Mau subtle? Apa mau pake sampe jadi mehong? Dua-duanya bisaaaa. Perfect color for my skintone. What more could I ask from a blush? Except it is a little pricey maybe. I got it from my mom because she doesn't really like the color. HURRAH!

// Masami Shouko S Dome Brush 216
Super lovingggggggg this brush. Been using it non-stop to blend colors onto my crease. Super soft. Oh and the fact that it's completely black in color, makes me look hella professional using it. Yea right you wish Me gusta!

(Similar picture: source)
// H&M Crop Top in Grey
So sorry but somehow my selfie with this top was gone, so I thought I'd just something similar. Definitely my most favourite top during September & October. Couldn't stop wearing it, and I don't think I'll ever get bored. Cuttingan-nya tuh pas banget so it fits me really well. Kinda regretted not purchasing every other colors they have when I purchased this :p

// Charles&Keith Double Ankle Strap Wedges
It's been my go-to heels for the past few weeks. It's just so versatile that it matches every outfit I've been wearing. Heels lain serasa invisible. Tiap liat rak sepatu, pasti pengennya pake ini-ini doang. Orang lain mungkin sampe bosen liatnya, who cares, me love it!

The one on the right of course (source)

// Nestle Bear Brand Sterilized Milk White Tea
Kalo kalian belum tau, I'm an avid fan of Milk Tea and I always, I repeat, always crave for it every now and then. Tapi kan ga bisa beli setiap hari dan ga mungkin juga kan buat sendiri dirumah. I know it's not that good for your body, but milk teas are just too awesome to resist. I just can't. This Bear Brand milk with White Tea is literally the second best thing after milk tea. Walaupun ga seenak milk tea, tapi ini lebih sehat, well supposedly, dan size nya tuh mini banget! Jadi cocok banget buat kalo sekedar fulfilling my sudden crave.


Phew! Oh! I'm writing in combined language, no reason in particular, just suddenly felt like doing it. Ga salah juga sekali-kali ngepost dalam Bahasa Indonesia, siapa tau dapet fans or reader baru LOL. I still wrote more in English though, so everyone could still understand the main point. But if you don't understand please don't be disappointed. When I have more time, I'll try to write in both language.

I promise I will try to be more active. I will be going to Thailand for my cousin wedding from tomorrow till next week. I know I have a lot to catch up, will definitely make up for it when I am back!

Hope you enjoy reading the blog. See you guys on my next post! ♥


  1. hi Bella, aku suka sama blog mu yang simple dan gambar yang bagus. wow itu eye shadow nya banyak juga ya? jd gak perlu beli eye shadow lagi nih hehehe...

    salam kenal ^^

  2. 120 colours in one palette!!! Whoa~ I don't know if I can manage to use all the colours let alone finish them! hehe nice post by the way! Looking forward for next month's!

    Love, Mira | http://lemieletlavanille.blogspot.com/

  3. The Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion in Natural Beige W13 looks amazing! I think I will try it out next <3 Looking forward to your next months favorities!

    Jessie @ bijou-heart.blogspot.com

  4. The Sleek Palette looks so compact and handy to carry around! ^ ^


  5. Love your October favorites! Especially the sleek palette which I have been hesitant to pick up, but I will now since you've convinced me that the highlighter and blush are pretty good. Love your wedges and the etude house cushion must be an amazing product! Have fun in Thailand :)

  6. yang disukain dari blog kamu itu fotonya simpel tapi bagus. aku suka foto-foto produk yang kamu foto. itu etudenya tampak menggoda. jadi pengen cobain juga. haha

  7. Hi Lia! Thank you so much for the visit :)
    Salam kenal juga..

  8. Hi Mira, I'm not so sure that I'm gonna be using each of them, but it doesn't hurt to own them :p Thank you for the visit~

  9. You should definitely give it a try! Thank you for the visit :)

  10. Yes it it! Thank you for the visit Paige :)

  11. Yes! I love especially the highlighter :3 kekeke. Give the etude house cushion a try, you'll love it! Thank you and I am back!

  12. Awww thank you so muchh. ayoooo coba! :D