Guerisson 9-Complex Cream

Citrus madness. Extremely refreshing.

Containing pure ceramide, horse oil and vegetable extracts such as peppermint, applemint, rosemary, lavender, sage, chamomile, bergamot, lemon balm, and rose, Guerisson 9-Complex Cream claims to provide the most suitable care for sensitive skin, which helps in dry skin problem, even suitable for babies. The ingredients used provide 72 hours moisture, whitening, repair skin damage to fade scars, as well as prevent wrinkle and improve skin elasticity. The cream also includes vitamin E, which acts as an anti-oxidant. So much benefits in one, eh?

Free from steroids, preservatives, and flavorings. The main ingredient used in this cream is as how it is shown on the packaging, German horse oil. Horse oil is apparently something that's been trending in South Korea and Japan as horse oil is known to be superb in moisturizing the skin as well as regeneration of skin damage.

Packaged in a really luxurious looking and bright orange circular box, the cream comes in a clear glass jar with handy little spatula. I am a sucker for nice packaging and I think Guerisson 9-Complex is one of the best out there. Especially love the fact that they made the jar to fit just right inside the circular box so it would be safe to bring this around.

The buttery yellow colored cream has a somewhat thick consistency. It glides and melts onto the skin once it is spread and transform into oily consistency. I find it to be super moisturizing and will leave the skin the dewy finish which most Korean love. So hydrating that my face stays hydrated after a whole day. I prefer to use this at night and maybe for days when I know I need extra hydration or when I am going for dewy skin look. A little goes a long way. I need only a pinch to cover my whole face. I would definitely recommend if you are looking for heavier cream to use at night or during the drier/winter season.

Not so sure yet about its ability to repair skin damage and fade scars because I have only been using this for less than a week. I will definitely look up more into this and will update again if I see any improvements.

Also another point worth the mention, it smells like citrus. A little too strong for my liking, however, the citrus scent gives a very refreshing feel when the cream is used. Just really nice to use to start off the day!

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Do you prefer products with citrus or floral scent to it?
I prefer floral, they always smell the best!

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