3 Concept Eyes Dangerous Matte Lip Color in #807 Hypnotic

3 Concept Eyes product has been on my wishlist since forever. For those who have no idea at all, 3CE is the cosmetic brand line of Stylenanda, one of the famous online stores from South Korea. I have been wanting to try 3CE products, mainly because the faces of the brand -especially Park Sora-are always looking so amazing. I even did a Park Sora inspired makeup look few months ago :p

Today, I want to review one of 3CE lip product, the Dangerous Matte Lip Color in #807 Hypnotic.

A deep raspberry color that gives a strong impression. The matte lipstick leaves a powdery finish on the lip. One cover is enough to express a clear, long-lasting color.

3CE Dangerous Matte Lip Color comes in a square black and matte chic tube which feels really luxurious to touch. I believe what makes 3CE products look really eye-catching is definitely its strong branding, as well as the creative packaging design. Don't you agree with me?

3CE also has a Matte lipstick line with creamy matte finish but this Dangerous Matte Lip Color is described to have the real matte texture for a non-oily, non-glowy, powdery finish that complete a chic look. Definitely sounds amazing, especially since super matte lips has been really trending lately.

Fatal, Hypnotizing raspberry color. Fatal beauty expressed with deep raspberry color that makes feminine appeal which cannot be expressed with colors of pink or red alone. 

#807 Hypnotic has a deep vibrant raspberry color which I think is just perfect for special occasion, especially if you are going for a sexy elegant look. What I really like is definitely the texture of the lipstick. Crazy pigmented. It is powdery matte but does not feel drying on the lips.

This lipstick is amazing, just as how it is described. Matte lipstick could be tricky to use but this one is an exception. Even though I am not very good at applying lipstick, this one applies surprisingly really well on my first try. It does not crack and does not settle on fine lines. My lips were not in its best condition when I tried this on but it still looked great. Still, moisturize your lips beforehand for an even better application.

3 Concept Eyes Dangerous Matte Lip Color in #807 Hypnotic

3 Concept Eyes Dangerous Matte Lip Color in #807 Hypnotic

The best part of this product is how it is really long lasting. The color does transfer a little bit but drinking and minor eating would not ruin it at all. Even after hours, my lips would still look pretty okay, even better than many lip tints out there. A few lip tints gets really patchy after sometime and it is one point that I could not tolerate at all. I hate patchy and uneven lip color, especially those that settles into lines. Eww. No.

After heavy eating, the color does fade away. Well, every lip products do! But this Lip Color still leaves slight tint on the lips. Overall, I am really enjoying 3 Concept Eyes Dangerous Matte Lip Color. Although I would not use #807 Hypnotic very much because I am still not confident enough to wear bold lips but I am really interested in trying the other colors, especially #708 Birthday.

3 Concept Eyes Dangerous Matte Lip Color retails for $20 on Stylenanda website

What do you think of 3CE makeup products? 
Do you have any favourite or any particular one you would like to try?

Product was sent to me for review purposes as a part of BNT Girls.
However review is purely my 100% honest opinion.

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  1. The shade is sooo pretty! And I do love the finish. sounds great that the pigmentation is so heavy and that it has long staying power.

  2. So pretty! I really love this one too. I actually never liked bright pink lippie before until bnt sent me the 3ce lip lacquer in pink boom and it changed my life! Haha this is definitely one of my faves!

  3. This shade does look amazing on you though, Bella! You should be more confident!

  4. Yesss it is pretty and super pigmented! 1 swipe is all I need :D

  5. Hahaha I still am not confident enough to use this on daily / no event day. Not even sure I would use it for special occasion too :p This shade is super pretty though! I've been wanting to try 3CE products since forever, still can't decide which to try because everything looks super pretty! Recommendation please? Hahaha

  6. Thank you Nawael! Hahaha I should definitely try to be confident and use bold lips more often. To be honest, I don't even use bold lips on special occasion. I usually prefer smokey eyes so all attention are to my eyes :p

  7. I love the shade! How long did the product last on your lips? I tried their watery lip gloss and it doesn't last that long. Still love it though because the colours are so natural!

  8. Their lipstick and eyeshadows are the best! And I also like their brow mascara... Oooh and their liners too! I love all the things I've tried from them so far! :)

  9. The colors look really great. ^^
    Your page is really great, I've subscribed to you.
    please have a look at my past, would be delighted.


  10. This one stays quite well on the lips, even after eating and rubbing, it still leaves color on the lips, like tints do! I have to agree though, the color is really pretty~ :D

  11. Hey! Thank you so much Kasumi for subscribing :)
    Glad that you enjoyed reading the blog..