Coreana Rodin SHO 3-Step Nose Pack

I gave up trying to clear up my nose from blackheads. I tried everything, even spent countless money on serums that doesn't work. I stopped trying a few months ago, because no matter what, the blackheads keep coming back after 3 days. I even stopped using the Biore strips, the only ones that work to extract my blackheads, as they break me out everytime,

I received this Coreana Rodin SHO Horse Oil 3-Step Nose Pack from BNTnews two weeks ago, and I have to say I am super impressed with it. It works like magic. No more embarrassing clogged nose with this!

1step. Blackhead Melting Sheet
Melting and bringing out the blackhead in a gentle way. Use this to bring out the annoying blackhead from the deepest part of the pores.

2step. Blackhead Absorption Strips
Work as a glue to absorb out the stubborn blackhead and whitehead. This stripe can remove the blackhead, whitehead, the aging sebum, and the waste accumulated in the pores at the same time, a deep and through cleansing for your pores.

3step. Pore Tightening Sheet
Close the pore which has opened before, prevent stimulation. Contain pure horse oil to supply special and gentle care for the weak skin around the nose. Various herb extract to not only soothe nasal pores, but calm and protect the deep of pore, preventing blackhead to re-existing.

Coreana Rodin SHO 3-Step Nose Pack

These are how the three sheets look like. The first and third was soaked in essence so you might want to be careful and open the package on the sink. I spilled some on my desk when I first tried it.

Coreana Rodin SHO 3-Step Nose Pack

The first sheet has a cooling effect when used and overtime, I can feel my nose feeling itchy. I believe it is because the serum is working from the deepest part of my pores and melting my blackheads.

The 2nd step was almost like any other nose strips, except that it is a little smaller than many regular nose strips that extends to to my cheeks area. This is a good thing though, because I find that, although the regular nose strips help remove whiteheads on my cheeks area too, it hurts as the skin gets pulled a lot.

The third step was a joy to use! The texture of the Bio-cellulose mask is really nice. It is as if you put on cold fresh coconut flesh onto your nose. It is a little slippery though as it was soaked in serum. I had to lay back a little to prevent the sheet from falling from my nose as well as the essence from dripping.

Coreana Rodin SHO 3-Step Nose Pack

WOA, guys. WOAHH! I was literally dropping my jaw when I realised my nose is clear. Crystal clear. Seriously guys this stuff is CRAZY AMAZING! I even thought that my shitty camera was not focusing properly until I zoomed in and realised that all those dirty pricks on my nose was just gone. Can you believe me?! Those two photos are taken on the exact same day with only 40 minutes of time difference.

The one thing I really like is how my skin looked super smooth and kinda poreless afterwards. The step3 pore tightening sheet obviously did an amazing job in closing my open pores.

Now, onto the disgusting part, here is the nose strip.

Hopefully you didn't puked looking at that.

I just had to show to let you guys know that this stuff works like magic. Everything was literally cleared: the blackheads, whiteheads, even fine hair and especially my clogged pores. I have so far used two of this Nose Pack, just once a week, and my nose has never been clearer before. Not entirely free of blackheads & whiteheads yet, but I am pretty sure this is so far the best product in extracting blackheads and whiteheads. I definitely recommend this!

All the steps does take a little longer to use than just regular exfoliating / nose strips but it works! I'm sure you wouldn't matter a little bit over half an hour for this amazing 3-step nose pack.

Not so sure where you could find this beauty to purchase online because I cannot seem to find it, but make sure to check on Coreana if you happen to live/visit South Korea. I will definitely link it up here on the blog if I find where to buy it! Trust me, because I'm 100% repurchasing this one once I am done.

Product was sent to me for review purposes as a part of BNT Girls.
However review is purely my 100% honest opinion.

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  1. omg this looks amazing! I've also lost the will to get rid of my blackheads haha but I definitely think I will try this out. Thanks for the review!!

  2. The before and after picture looks really convincing. I t seems a lot of people like the effect of peeling the patch from their nose and see some results :D

  3. oh wow this is really cool ^^

  4. You shoulddddd~ Let me know if you manage to find where to purchase this because I would love to repurchase myself :D

  5. Yesss! It does really show result :P
    even a lot more than regular Biore strips..

  6. Yes it is Kasumi, you should try it out!

  7. I will do! I'll have to see if I can find it to order online!!!

  8. Ugh, I TOTALLY FEEL YOU WITH THE WHOLE BLACKHEADS SITUATION. I feel like mine just keeps spreading on my nose (as in, they conquer more space) and those things are more resistant than a Nokia phone (idk if you'll get that meme reference, but:

    I was waaaaaaaaay too excited when I saw the results of that pore strip. Those things are fascinating, and I am totes intrigued by this nose pack thingamajig now *-*
    (But if I can't find it, I'll probably just end up buying basic pore strips's a vicious cycle)