SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

Miracle water? YES PLEASE. I have been using SK-II Facial Treatment Essence ever since I barely know proper skincare and makeup, which is umm.. maybe 3 years ago. Tried it and never stopped using it, even though sometimes it's kinda hard to stay loyal and keep using it. Because -oh well- there's just so much skincare products I would like to try.

A refreshing essence that contains 90% Pitera which gently exfoliates the face and helps moderate the skin surface renewal cycle.

Doesn't promise much eh? I was a little skeptical when my mum told me to try it, especially when you don't see immediate results directly after a day or a week of usage. But wait until you try it for more or less a month. It's a huge investment, especially when you don't see immediate result and you're not 100% sure if it's gonna work on you or not. Yes I know exactly how you feel, but don't you all girls just want nothing but pretty faces with smooth and radiant skin all over. AHA!

The essence is a transparent liquid with texture and consistency almost the same as your regular toners but a lot gentler, in fact so gentle that you could use it all over your face including sensitive areas such as the eye area. The one thing that I love the most of it is that how the essence gets absorbed within seconds and leaves no traces, no sticky feeling, no nothing except moisturized skin.

I would say that the number one thing you'll notice from SK-II Facial Treatment Essence is in fact its smell. It has a quite strong scent to it which is nothing like most skincare products you usually encounter. Not exactly disturbing or horribly unpleasant, but might be a little odd and surprising when you first tried it. I know some people really hate how it smells and can't stand it but it didn't bother me much. The smell quickly grows on me and I'm used to it already after a couple of days.

I definitely can't show you how my skin condition before and after usage because I've been using it far before I created this blog. From the very beginning when I started using this, I could definitely tell that my skin is getting better and more radiant day by day. I have used it long enough until I begin to feel that my skin no longer needs it so I started getting lazier and tend to skip it during my routine. Once, I stopped using this SK-II FTE for a week or two. Then I started to use it again when my skin started to get dry and pimples. Miraculously, my skin got a lot better after 2 nights of constant use of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. Since then, I always try my best to never skip this step during my morning and night routine because my skin is still far from perfect and of course, who doesn't dream of clear, radiant, and smooth looking skin?

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence how to diagram

I usually use it with a thin cotton pad and splash a few drops of the essence all over, then pat all over my face every morning and night right after cleansing and toner. I also like to use this essence as a mask using thin soaked cotton pad (as shown in the middle on the diagram above) to compress my troubled skin area, especially acne prone and nose area.

This so called 'miracle water' comes in many different sizes: 75ml, 150ml, 215ml, and 330ml. Because my mother and I are happy customers, we usually buy the biggest size which is 330ml. The 330ml size is the most convenient to use as it has a pump top to dispense the essence. There are also the trial 10ml and 30ml sizes (as shown on the top most photo of the post) which are only given out as a gift when you purchase a certain amount of products. Although apparently, there are a few online shops out there which sell these trial babies for you who would like to try first before committing to the full sizes, considering that it's a high-end product. I definitely you to try it yourself because I'm sure that you've heard all the goodness about this SK-II Facial Treatment Essence ;)

Not so sure about the current prices because I haven't been to the counter since I still have a lot in stock. You should check with your local SK-II counters for updated price and promotion. Untuk kalian yang ingin mencoba trial sizes SK-II Facial Treatment Essence ini, ada banyak yang jual setau aku di berbagai macam toko kosmetik online, salah satunya Nihonmart. Disana harga SK-II FTE ini IDR 90,000 untuk yang 10ml; IDR 235,000 untuk yang 30ml; dan IDR 550,000 untuk yang 75ml.

note: product was gifted to me for review 
purposes but my opinion is 100% honest.


  1. I've been thinking of trying this for a few weeks now, but with my sensitive skin, I am still debating. It's a bit expensive to give it a blind try...

  2. I heard a lot of possitive reviews about this essence and I'm looking forward to try it, maybe first as a smaller size, just in case the scent puts me off :D

  3. I didn't have a very good experience with SK-II products, but your photo's are so beautiful I have this sudden urge to give them a second chance!

    Beauty Challenged

  4. Maybe see if you can get to try the sample sizes first before you commit to the full size? Yeah, and the SK-II prices keep going up after a few months, especially the since the last two years.

  5. Yeah, you should definitely try the smaller size first because It would be such a pity if it doesn't work for you. I also have heard that a few people cannot tolerate the scent at all..

  6. Why? It didn't work for you? Oh well, the only products from SK-II that works for me are only this Essence and their Facial Treatment cleansing foam/gel. I don't like any of their creams / serums either :p

    Thank you for the visit! ♥

  7. Yeah, the essence made my skin look really dull and icky. Such a shame! It's strange how the Iope and Missha dupes work wonders for my skin but the original doesn't. Oh well. I'd love to try the Illuminating Essence one day :)

  8. Aww really. That's too bad. I've met a few people who doesn't like it either. Oh yeah! I'm actually waiting to finish all of these from SK-II and then try the dupes from Missha and Secret Key because I've heard many people actually liking them more than the SK-II. Who knows they suit me better!

  9. One thing that I always love about your post is the picture!! foto-foto kamu bagus2 banget. simple tapi keren. Mungkin boleh lho sekali2 bikin postingan tips biar foto produknya bagus. hehe

    anw, akupun pecinta FTE. been using it about a year and I love it :)

  10. Just another proof that it works!! Although the real effects take time. I came to the same conclusion, or rather, my friends did, haha, because personally, I've never used. I'm using a dupe, however, and am seeing great results, too. Will write a review on it soon. Until then, I wrote a blog post about my friends and long-time users using SK-II and their thoughts on it. Just in case you're interested, but I guess you don't need to read. You see the results yourself :)

  11. Awwww. Thank you so much :) Hahaha pengen bangettt bisa share tapi mungkin masih lama deh, belum cukup ilmu-nya buat di share~ Thank you yaa!

  12. Hey Victoria,
    No doubt that this is an amazing product! I am also going to try one of the popular dupe very very soon, let's see if it is actually as good :D Thank you for visiting the blog and commenting!