SNP Animal Masks

I am never a fan of sheet masks because it is plain boring waiting for 10-20 minutes for the essence of the masks to get absorbed into the skin, plus my skin would always feel super sticky afterwards. It's rare for me to purchase sheet masks, I always prefer sleeping masks or wash-off masks because they are just much more convenient to use with almost the same benefits. Oh well, anyone's with me?

The whole Animal Masks idea from SNP is really cute though. Instead of naming each sheet masks according to the ingredients used like most sheet masks do, SNP distinguished each of the sheet mask with different animals. I was so eager to try these masks when it arrived as my February BNT box. Even looking at the colorful and vibrant packaging makes me happy!

These SNP Animal Masks comes in 4 different types: Tiger for wrinkle, Otter for moisture, Dragon for soothing, and Panda for whitening. SUPER CUTE. The animal theme is not only for naming each of the different mask but you actually get sheet masks with design and pattern according to the animals. So while you are using the masks for its benefit, you also get to be a cute animal for a day (or at least 20 minutes, tee-hee)

I was actually quite hesitant to try it at first because wouldn't the colouring used to create such image on the mask sheets be somehow irritate the skin? I found out that these sheet masks are actually made from natural pulp, used to make diapers of sensitive baby skin, and FDA certified safe color. If it's even safe for sensitive baby skin, then I'm pretty sure it's 100% safe for us adults.

Wonder what these masks are made from? These masks contains 750mg of coconut water, a mixture of 50% natural coconut juice and 50% coconut water, in which would provide these benefits:
  • Maintenance of body temperature
  • Rich in minerals for healthy skin
  • Makes dry skin soft
  • Increases skin’s immunity
  • Increases moisture, improves skin texture and color, controls oil
  • Relieves skin inflammations or skin troubles
  • Relieves skin stimulated by UV rays
I wasn't expecting much actually when I first received this. I didn't think that the design of masks would that good. Turned out, I was so wrong! The design of each mask was amazing, each of them has the perfect little details which make them look really similar to the corresponding animals.

My little 6-years-old sister is completely crazy over these masks, She get extremely excited whenever I put these on. She keeps asking when I will be using the next one. Hahaha. Also, the size of the mask fits perfectly onto my face, unlike most mask sheets I've tried before. I was able to use these comfortably while sitting on my table and blogging.


Anti-wrinkle mask to boost dulling skin cells with elastic energy leaving skin radiant and resilient.

Animal Tiger Wrinkle Mask
This tiger mask has the perfect design that resembles real tiger well. I think this one is the most realistic among the others. I'm in love with the pink nose! Hehehe. Not so sure how this one worked on my skin because it's meant for wrinkles, I do feel that my skin becomes bouncier and soft after usage but it simply just happen almost every time I use mask sheets, so nothing particular from this one. Might be better for more mature skin.


Soothing mask to take care sensitive and red skin with AC-soothing energy refining skin healthy and translucent

Animal Dragon Soothing Mask
This is probably the best mask which I would really recommend to acne prone skin. My skin was really in a quite bad situation as there were many little red pimples as well as redness on both of my cheeks area. It does happen every little while so I'm used to it as they're usually gone after a week or so. But the best thing I decided to do that day was to put on this mask. At the end of applying the mask on my face, these little red pimples minimized a lot. Like really a lot!

I couldn't provide you with before/after pictures because I didn't think it would help that much. Boy, I was wrong! It was amazing in treating my bad skin condition. If you have acne prone skin, or your skin basically is not in their best condition, I suggest you to give this mask a try! It works well and it's cute, so you can't say no..


Aqua moisture mask to reinforce moisture retention of dry and water-insufficient skin with aqua energy creating moist and silky skin.

Animal Otter Aqua Mask
My favourite out of the four masks! It has the cutest design in my opinion which looks even cuter in real life :p I am really loving the texture of the essence of this one, really moisturizing and absorbs the fastest, leaving my skin well hydrated after masking time. When removed, after 20 minutes, I find that my skin has absorbed most of the essence. It also doesn't feel sticky afterwards which is a good thing! Really great for dry skin or winter time.

There is also quite a lot of essence left on the package, even enough for another mask time. So, I like to store the excess in a little jar and use them again with compressed mask sheet.

I'm forever squealing looking at this one. Super super cute! Don't you think so? Also, this Otter mask has a subtle lovely smell to it which I enjoy a lot while using it. I currently still have two of these Otter masks left, still not willing to use them again because they are just too precious :p


Whitening mask to restore dull and rough skin with brightening energy delivering luminosity and softness.

Animal Panda Whitening Mask
The design is quite 'meh' for this one. I think SNP could have done better with the design because Panda is supposed to be really cute! Hahaha. Oh well, thie one also has quite a strong lemony scent. It's also very alcohol like, similar to wet wipes. I have no problem with it though since the smell only lasted for a minute or so.

Almost similar to the other, my skin has absorbed most of the essence and it doesn't feel sticky. Just a point I love so much from these SNP animal masks. I can also see that my skin look a little more radiant and brighter at the end. If you want a brightening mask then you should definitely try this one, but only if you can tolerate strong smell because it's really strong.


Cuteeeeeeee, right? Seriously if you are into cute stuffs, then you should definitely go on and try these. I am in love with these masks. It's cute and it's effective, what else could you ask from a mask? I would definitely be repurchasing, especially the otter one, when I am done with all the masks.

Available for $17 per box on Gmarket / on sale for $1.7 each on KoreaDepart

Product was gifted to me for review purposes as a part of BNT Girls.
However review is purely my 100% honest opinion.

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  1. I totally agree with you for the panda design, it's nearly scary. I looked like I was dying when I tried it (also I'm not a big fan of whitening products so I really don't like this one, aha). You look super cute, and I am glad it had great effects on your skin! Do you plan on buying it?

  2. agak serem sih dibandingkan cute hehehe, tapi idenya bagus jadi ga boring ya warna putih terus :)

  3. Kayaknya aku butuh yang Animal Otter, and totally agree with you kayaknya si animal otter yang the cutest ya. Aaaaaak pengen iciiiiip <3

  4. it sounds so nice to be a part of BNT girls! anw, do you know where can I get these masks? I really want to try ^^

    Join my giveaway! ♡

  5. super... lucu!!! can't resist the cuteness

  6. Iyaa. Hahaha bisa aja kepikiran buat bikin ginian yaa XD

  7. Yes! Hahaha more scary than cute :p I am definitely up to purchase either the Otter/Dragon once I am done with all of these.. They works really well on my skin and so far the best face mask sheets I've ever tried. Thank you Nawael!

  8. Iyaa Rhea, buat lucu-lucuan aja.. Hahaha cocok buat selfie :p

  9. Iyaaaa cuteeeee banget! Plus effective banget~ ayoooo dicoba :3

  10. Iyaa :D Thank you for visiting the blog yaa~

  11. You can get these from Ebay ( / Gmarket ( or Tester Korea ( I found a few others that sell these too :D Just make sure you check on many sites before purchasing because some sell it on the higher price...

  12. Iya Martha :D Lucu yaa~ Thank you for the visit!

  13. These masks are FREAKING ADORABLE and I have to say, every time something has coconut water listed as an ingredient, I expect it to smell coconutty :(
    The dragon and otter one sound up my alley, and YES, I HATE THE STICKY RESIDUE SHEET MASKS LEAVE ON ME TOO. (I usually end up letting it dry, then rinsing off off because ugh, gross)(Putting on sheet masks for 20-40 minutes doesn't bother me though, as I can still type + do things while it's on vs. having to lay down and stare at the ceiling 5ever)

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