Too Cool For School Dinoplatz U.F.O Multibox #21 Polo

Beware! This post is picture heavy. You might wanna read this only when you have unlimited internet quota. -If you still feel like reading it, then go ahead :p I warned you though-

Surprisingly this Too Cool For School Dinoplatz U.F.O Multibox is really really photogenic. I might also love it a little too much, maybe that's why I can't choose to not upload them all. It's gonna be pretty long so I don't want to make this post any longer, let's just get into the review.

The packaging is super cute! The box has a white base and filled with black doodles and abstract line all over, just so chic. Basically it's just another cushion foundation with a secret compartment at the bottom for pore balm, concealer, and multifunction peach pink blusher/lip cream. I think that this product is extremely perfect for you who doesn't like leaving behind all your foundation, blusher, and concealer whenever you go for immediate touch ups. It's just so easy to bring around, saves so much space and super hassle-free.

To be honest, I'm never exactly the type who would bring my concealer and blusher everywhere simply because I think it's just too troublesome -eventhough I think I really really need too because I have really bad dark under eyes and concealer tends to fade away after some time- But now that I have this, there's no reason not to because it's just easy with this Dinoplatz U.F.O Multibox. Everything that I need, is just right here, in a compact little white box.

Just like any other cushion foundation, this multibox also comes with cushion puff to use. The design of the puff is really pretty. While you usually get a white/blue puff with most Korean cushion foundation, this one comes in a super pretty clean white/beige cushion puff. I was even hesitant when I wanted to try it for the first time because it looks so precious.

Really amazed by how well designed this multibox is, thumbs up to Too Cool For School! Just like any other cushion foundation, this one also comes sealed at first, making sure that you won't receive yours dried when you purchase it.

Can you see the little "too cool for school" embossed on the cushion puff? Combined with the square sized puff, I am totally in love with the design, no more boring white/blue puff. Also, the square design to me is a lot better than the round design other cushion foundation comes with. Why? Because it is a lot more easier to control when you dip in the puff to the cushion thing, helps to prevent the sides of the puff get dirty. 

A little swatch before we go to discuss about this product further. 

I quickly dipped in my finger to see if the shade is the right one for me. Unfortunately, I think it is a little too light for me, although I do always opt for foundation that is a shade lighter for its brightening effect and because I always prefer to use just a thin layer for a natural look. It still doesn't look that bad on me though as long as I don't put on too much on my face. 

A little disappointed when I notice that it is pink based. Not so sure that you can tell from the swatch above but you can see more swatches below. It's just a little too pink for my skin tone. It's not too obvious in real life and I could still pull it off just fine but I might love it even more if it comes with a shade for yellow based skintone girls. It does come with a darker shade which is #23 Janna but I don't think it would match me well either. 

Other than that, it is quite good. It gives really good -medium- coverage, it brightens complexion, leaves your skin looking healthy, slightly dewy -but not too much- finish. It actually leaves the skin kinda matte but still healthy looking, completely different with Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion which leaves really dewy glossy finish to the skin. 

Isn't the little secret compartment such a cute idea? I'm in love with the concealer and blush/lip cream. The concealer is amazing in concealing my dark undeye circles. It's awesome. Like really good. My face would look instantly refreshed after I put on the concealer, thanks to its peachy colour. 

Too Cool For School Dinoplatz U.F.O Multibox Swatches

The peach pink cream is especially good as a blusher! Look really natural, as if I have naturally flushed cheek whenever I use it. Plus, the dewy effect it gives, thumbs up! Although I am not so into it as a lip product. It simply doesn't look good on me, too light for my liking and too patchy to apply on the lips. I found that it also doesn't work that great as an eyeshadow because it's not pigmented enough to show on the lid. For the cheek though? Perfection. I love it! It just works really well on my skintone. 

The pore balm is also great if you are those who likes to apply pore filler before your foundation, but I don't really use it on a daily basis. It leaves the skin matte and feeling really smooth so your foundation application would be a lot smoother. However, I think it would be more useful if I am to use it before anything other than cushion foundation, because with cushion my foundation application would still be as good even without primer. That's just one reason why I am in love with cushion foundation. 

Here are a few swatches and before/after pictures to show you how this multibox looks on me.

Too Cool For School Dinoplatz U.F.O Multibox Before After

Can you see that it turned my skin more pinkish on the after picture? Such a pity. How I wish they came with a shade for warm-toned skin :p But can you see that it can cover imperfection on my skin perfectly? From little redness, pores, and dark spots. Here is also a test I did to test its effectiveness to cover dark spots and redness. It provides pretty good coverage, eh? Especially on redness.

Too Cool For School Dinoplatz U.F.O Multibox swatches

Me using this multibox for Vday Kpop Makeup Challenge.

Too Cool For School Dinoplatz U.F.O Multibox

In conclusion, I love this Too Cool For School Dinoplatz U.F.O Multibox! In fact, it's my favourite from February BNT Box. It retails for $48 with a cushion refill (It's currently ON SALE for only $38, so go grab it fast girls!) on Too Cool For School website.

What do you think of this multibox?
Have you ever tried something similar from another brand?

Product was gifted to me for review purposes as a part of BNT Girls.
However review is purely my 100% honest opinion.

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  1. I saw this earlier, too. If it weren't so expansive I would definitively buy it. Maybe after my Innisfree Cushion is emptied :D I love the design, and it is a great idea to have a concealer and a blusher in it, too.

  2. The design and packaging make me want to buy it! It looks so cute.

  3. The concept of this product is very wise and smart. and I'm pretty sure that this is what all woman likes! 2 or 3 purpose in one box is a total package for me <3

    xx Gainorie

  4. Awww. But don't you think it's worth it since you don't only get cushion foundation but a other amazing things, especially when the concealer and blusher is really good! (plus it is on sale :P). I can definitely see myself repurchasing if it's on sale when I am done with this one...

  5. Super cute eh? The design is amazing :)
    Thank you for the visit, Su!

  6. It's actually the first product from Too Cool For School I've ever tried so far.
    Thank you for visiting Kari! :)

  7. Yesss.. so easy and so chic as well!
    Thank you for stopping by the blog, Gainorie :)

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