Too Cool For School Glossy Blaster Tint Favorite Kit Review & Swatches

Who has ever been so 'galau' (indecisive) before every time you need to choose between lip tint or lipgloss to wear for the day, but too lazy to bring or put on two different products on the lips? I know exactly how that feels. I love how lip tints give me long lasting color but at times I want my lips to appear fuller and glossy for a cuter and fresh look.

Behold, an amazing lip product from Too Cool For School, the Glossy Blaster Tint, which is both lip tint and lip gloss. Today, I will be reviewing 3 of the colors from the Favorite Kit.

This Favorite Kit contains three tubes of tints in 3 different colors: #1 Chic Red, #2 Giddy Rose, and #5 Merry Tangerine. The first time I opened the package, I thought there'd be only two tubes but to my surprise, there's another one hidden inside.

One tube is really small, just super perfect for my makeup purse. The favorite kit comes with 3 smaller sized tints which contains 3ml worth of product, rather than original 4.8ml size. It comes with a soft-doe foot applicator that works and fit well on my lips. I always prefer lip product with doe-foot applicator because it makes application so much easier and neater. I completely forgot to take a picture of it, sorry for that.

There are 5 colors available for individual purchase. Now that I have three of these already, I am drooling over #4 Posh Coral, the color swatch look really pretty.

It's finally time for some swatches! Here are how the colors look like in real life, under natural lighting a.k.a sunlight :p Totally forgot to take one using flash but you can definitely see how glossy and pigmented it is. I also took picture of how these look like after one swipe with tissue, leaving a tint of color behind :3

It feels almost like lip gloss but one that leaves tint on your lips. The gloss does wear off after an hour or so but the color stays up for 2-4 hours on me, longer when I don't eat or drink -obviously-. I feel like the gloss stays really well, even almost as good as most lip glosses I have ever tried before (but then again, I am not a gloss girl so I haven't tried that many lip glosses in my life).

Swatches of the colors on my lips. My camera somehow decided to make the colors look like a lot less saturated. Probably because these tints reflect so much light but believe me, they are 3x more pigmented than these in real life, almost as pigmented as the official color swatch above.

Super in love with how pigmented and glossy it is. I also love how buildable it is. One swipe is all you need for everyday but you can easily layer it up for fuller color. These Glossy Blaster Tints also give my thin lips the boost they need for fuller, plumper lips.

Pardon the swatch of #1 Chic Red. The color is kinda patchy because I swatched #1 Chic Red after the other two so, there is color and dead skin build up. But fear not, these tints apply really smoothly on the lips and is really hydrating. Still, moisturize your lips beforehand for an even better application!

Overall, I think this kit is a steal! If you are a fan of glossy lips but want something that lasts, pick these! It is a lot easier to apply, rather than bringing separate lip tint and lip gloss. My favourite is #2 Giddy Rose out of the three above, such a pretty shade that goes well on any skintone with any kind of makeup.

Available for 10,000 won each & 25,000 won for the Favorite Kit
on Too Cool For School Website / Gmarket

Tell me! Which lip product do you prefer? 
Lipstick / Lip Tint / Lip Gloss?

*Product was sent to me for review purposes as a part of BNT Girls. However review is purely my 100% honest opinion.
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  1. bagus - bagus bel warnanya *O* ak suka yg chic red >,<

  2. You're lips look so....uhm, juicy? lol
    I like Giddy Rose too

  3. which are so beautiful, the colors also look good. =)

  4. Oh the three colors are very pretty
    I love it Giddy Rose~

  5. Oh my, these look so damn good on your lips! They look like a glossy candy finish! So gorgeous, not too wet or dripping looking! Absolutely love the lighter pink shade!

  6. I love all your photos!! May I know what camera are you using at the moment? :)

  7. Iya bagusss ya hehehe
    Yang chic red aslinya pigmented bangetttt warna nya.. Aku kurang pede pake itu :P

  8. Hahaha IKR. thank you? LOL
    Giddy Rose is so pretty, righttt.

  9. Thank youuu, yes they are indeed beautiful products..

  10. They are!
    I bring Giddy Rose with me all the time these days :p

  11. Yessss! So pretty rightttt.
    They make my lips appear fuller and yummier :p

  12. Thank you Alene :)
    I use Olympus Pen E-PL 3!

  13. I love this kind of lip. It so gorgeous color :)

  14. Yes they are! Thank you to stopping by the blog~ :D

  15. its so suitable on your lips :3, btw where do u buy it ?