Sunday Note #3: 10 Things To Do on a Sunday

A little guide for your perfect sunday!

Sometimes, even though I know I have tons of things to do, I procrastinate a lot because come on, it's Sunday! I think spending your sunday for yourself, not being guilty of doing completely nothing is okay once in a while. Here are ten things I personally like to do on my spare time.

01. Catch up with your favorite TV shows
If are running out of shows to watch, here are a few that are on my list: Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, The Walking Dead, Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, Sherlock, and of course Running Man.

02. Youtube
There are tons of fun on Youtube. Catch up on your subscription videos, watch a few old makeup tutorials from your favorite makeup gurus, web series, or simply search for random funny puppies videos. I sometimes like to check out the recommended videos on my homepage too. I love how I can find amazing youtubers from there.

03. Plan ahead your week
Planning makes sure that you accomplish your goals. I like to sit for 15 minutes and start trashing my organizer just so I have a deadline for things, important ones. I have to admit I am a forgetful person, so planning my week ahead is a good thing.

04. Sleep in 
I don't always do this because I like the feeling of waking up in the morning just so I don't lose half a day. But it doesn't hurt to do it once in a while to recover from the exhausting work on weekdays.

05. Pamper yourself
Do a few extra routine on weekends such as exfoliating both my face and body, masks time, nose pack to remove naughty blackheads, hair masks as well as manicure pedicure to make sure your nails and cuticles are looking great.

06. Catch up with your favorite blogs.
I love my Bloglovin for that! It is always super easy to check up on new blog post updates, a thousands times easier than having to go to each blog individually. Plus, I can always save amazing posts for future references.

07. Pinterest
I haven't been updating much lately on Pinterest because I get addicted to it so easily. And it's bad. A lot of my works get neglected because I spend too much time there. But Pinterest is amazing, you get tons of inspiration from there. Will have to re-organize my Pinterest boards soon.

08. Treat yourself
Bake a little something. Make yourself a simple and quick café latte.

09. Go out and try out that new restaurant / dessert place
There are lots and lots of new amazing places that just opened lately near my residential area, especially ice cream shops. NEED TO TRY THEM ALL!

10. Do some cleaning
I'll be honest, my room is a mess. My house is under renovation and it's making me even lazier to do some cleaning because I am running out of storage space.

What do you do on sundays?


  1. I usually sleep in too! I also try to plan school work for the next week and get all reading materials out of the way, but the best part about that is doing it at my favorite cafe! ^__^ I get my coffee fix usually on Sundays. It's also the day I take to myself; catch up on shows, reading, or personal pampering. And for whatever reason, dessert is always the best on Sunday! Great post!

  2. YES TO AGENTS OF SHIELD. (AND AGENT CARTER)(And speaking of Marvel, going to see the new Avengers movie is a perfect weekend/Sunday activity -coughcoughalltheMarvelplugs-)
    Weekends these days for me as of late are about taking it easy by reading and gardening, so I've obviously escalated prematurely into seniorhood.

  3. Hahaha I guess sleeping is always a must on weekends :P Ohhhh dessert is good everyday! I would visit dessert cafe everyday (different one each time) if I have the time, too bad I just don't. Hahaha oh well...

  4. I THINK I REALLY NEED TO START WATCHING AGENT CARTER NOW. I don't even know why I haven't started already but really thanks for reminding me of this series.

    and oh! I watched that Avengers movie already earlier this week. Just meh, it was not as awesome as I expected it to be :P or maybe it was just me who have high expectation because, IT'S AVENGERS! Still a great movie though, just not so amazing.