3 Concept Eyes Water Wrapping Facial Mask

Face masks are like one of the most popular skincare products in Korea. Almost every Korean brand would at least produces a series of face mask, including the famous cosmetic brand 3 Concept Eyes. 3CE apparently has a series of facial mask, with 5 types: Special Whitening Facial Mask, Special Nourishing Facial Mask, Pore Tightening Facial Mask, Water Wrapping Facial Mask, and lastly Total Treatment Cream Gel Mask to cater to the different skin concerns. Today, I would like to review the Water Wrapping Facial Mask.

Comes packaged in a box with 5 pieces of mask, the 3 Concept Eyes Water Wrapping Facial Mask claims to deliver moisture deeply into skin to provide dry skin with moisture from the inside.

With Hyaluronic Acid and Alaska Glacial Water as the main ingredients, Water Wrapping Facial Mask provides burst of hydration to dull and dry skin. The sheet mask itself does feel different than your usual Korean face masks. It is thicker thus it holds a lot more essence, but yet still feels really soft and light on the skin.

I feel like the quality of the sheet mask is better than most face masks out there, but then again, these are a little bit pricier than regular Korean face masks.

I think it does what it claims to do. It moisturizes my skin so well that my skin is super bouncy and supple afterwards. All the dry areas on my skin, bumps are all minimized after I used this facial mask. It doesn't feel heavy despite the intense moisture it provides. More importantly, it doesn't feel sticky and the essence absorbs well into my skin by the end of the 20 minutes mask time.

Overall, I have been really enjoying this 3 Concept Eyes Water Wrapping Facial Mask. Especially super loving the texture of the sheet mask, love how it holds much more essence but doesn't drip all over when the mask is on. I would love to try the other types, especially the Total Treatment Cream Gel Mask since hydrogel masks are my favorite!

3 Concept Eyes Water Wrapping Facial Mask retails for
$4 each / $18 for 5 sheets on Stylenanda Website

What do you think? 
Have you ever tried any facial mask from 3 Concept Eyes?
Which one is your favorite?

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*Product was sent to me for review purposes. Review will always be my 100% honest opinion.

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