Blog 101: Tips for Better Blog Pictures

Hello all! There have been lots of requests coming from you, about tips and tutorials regarding my blog photography. I am not a professional in this field, nor took any lesson/course for the blog. I basically just read a lot of articles online to help achieve the kind of pictures I personally like, try everything on my own, play around with my camera & editing tools, and just try to do it.

I still have a lot I have to improve, not every single photos I took are even good enough either but I just wanted to share a few tips & tricks for you. Not even sure if this will help but there is nothing wrong in sharing right? I was thinking to start a new series on the blog too about tips and tricks for fellow bloggers. Do comment below if you have any suggestion/request for the next blog post!

Blog 101: Tips for Better Blog Pictures

To start off, today I want to share a few tips so you can take better blog pictures. For me, a blog with huge and clean sharp pictures always catch my attention. Never mind the writing, I enjoy looking at the photos more than reading what it is about. I can go follow one's blog and keep coming back to it just to stare at the pictures. For me, those pictures are the one thing that makes the blog feels alive.

Natural lighting
I don't have the budget to create a proper studio lighting, I don't think it's even necessary for now. That's why natural lighting is my best friend. Taking pictures by the window, outside during the day, or under the shade are the number one key to taking bright and focused pictures.

Blog 101: Tips for Better Blog Pictures

Sadly, most of the time I don't have the privilege of taking pictures under natural lighting since I am working full-time monday to friday. That's why I always try to use the most of my Saturday morning to take the most number of pictures I can for future blog posts.

You don't have to have high-end camera to take great photos. Your phone camera will do it just fine, just remember, natural light is your bestfriend!

Try different photo background. Plain white to colorful patterns. Minimize the clutter. Clean up your desk before you take your pictures so the focus goes to your main subject and nothing else. I really like my photos to have white clean background so the focus is on point to the products itself, but sometimes I also like to add on textures & props to support the whole picture and mood.

Notice how most of the time the pictures on the blog are with either white background? My other favorite type of background is where the subject is put really far away from the background so dreamy bokeh are formed on the background. I am actually is trying to collect/buy as many things I could use as photo props. I am also challenging myself these days to put more things on a single picture so they do not come out plain boring especially because I use mostly just white background.

Play around with editing tools / apps you have. I use Adobe Photoshop for my blog pictures. I have been exploring Photoshop ever since I was in Junior High School so I am most comfortable with it. If you don't have the budget to get it, try free editing apps. There are a number of great free apps you can find on the Internet such as PicMonkey and Pixlr.

Blog 101: Tips for Better Blog Pictures

I usually only use Adobe Photoshop to brighten my pictures, correct temperatures, and sharpen for clearer looking photos. I will definitely share too about how I edit my photos on the blog soon. I definitely think editing your pictures before posting them, even though just minimally, will enhance the overall picture and blog post quality.

Don't overthink it
Last but not least. Think less about it. Just do it. Experiment. Try different moods, sets, angles, styles for your photos. I usually always take a lot of photos with different angles because you never know which actually works best. Sometimes, the most unthinkable and weird angles that you took randomly could result to an even better picture.

There is no right or wrong with your photography style. No one can ever tell you what is right or wrong with the pictures you take. You just have to explore what kind of mood you personally like to see on photos, is it clean and crisp or soft and dreamy? Is it bright but soft or high-contrasted?

I personally really like bright and clean photos, which is how most my photos on the blog look like, but sometimes I like to play around and try different styles too. I have yet to find that one style to uniform my pictures just so the blog look nice all over with a concept. I might try and have one someday but I don't see why I cannot explore and try different things every day. It's my blog anyway, I can do whatever I want. And that goes for you too!

Blog 101: Tips for Better Blog Pictures

Hope that this blog post helps in any way. Keep blogging. Good luck!


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