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Travel Beauty Essentials - Blogger Indonesia

Holiday season is finally here! Today, I would like to share a few travel beauty essentials, products I can never go away without. You can even call a few of these my Holy Grail items because these are simply my beauty favorites that I need to always have in my makeup bag.

The first item on my list would be my trustworthy Etude House Drawing Eyebrow AD. You have probably seen this mentioned on the blog a thousand times before. It is so far the best and easiest eyebrow product I have ever used and no matter how many times I have tried the others, I always keep coming back to this one.

For travelling, BB cushion is definitely a great choice of product since it is so easy to bring and it is super practical. Not to mention that it is so hazzle-free and super easy to touch up during the day. My favorite until this day is the Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion. For eyeliners, I am actually pretty flexible, I can easily go away with either liquid or gel liner but these two, the Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner & Etude House Oh M'Eye Line are my ultimate favorite. Especially for going to the beach, because they don't melt under the hot sun, smudge-proof and most importantly waterproof.

Another essential is definitely this new favorite of mine, 1-Day Acuvue Define contact lenses. I cannot live without contact lenses and this 1-day lenses are definitely that must-have item for travelling. They are the simplest to use, I love it because I can easily go swimming with it without the burden of being scared of losing my lenses because it's a one day use anyway. Of course it is not recommended using contact lenses while swimming because the water from the pool / sea contains bacteria that could contaminate the eye. Make sure you always use swimming goggles so your 1-day lenses will not have direct contact with the water. But the good thing is with 1-day lenses is that you can easily dispose the lenses after swimming. Thus, you have less risk of contaminating your eyes. Understand what I mean?

Also, with these 1 day lenses, there is absolutely no need to bring your soft lens solution, one less thing to pack! You can also easily bring only the amount you need, say that you are going for a 3 days trip, you just have to pack 3 pairs of lenses, maybe another pair for spare, and you are good to go. How simple!

Travel Beauty Essentials Acuvue Define - Blogger Indonesia

Mascara is something I will always include in my travel makeup bag even though I might end up not using it. It is the quickest to put on for that fresher and clearer looking eyes. It is always better to pack more than to regret later. If my trip includes fancy dinner, then I can easily bring along my Urban Decay Naked Palette. With it I don't have to worry if I am going for a natural / smokey look. All the colors I need is packed in this one amazing palette.

To moisturize is extremely important whether I am going to travel to a hot humid or a colder weather place. So, of course it is crucial also to not forget about face mist and lip balm to moisturize whenever the skin needs a little boost. My current favorite are EOS Lip Balm and Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence I store in a little spray bottle, so my skin feels happy too like I do when I travel.

What are your travel essentials?


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