Voluminous Lashes EOTD

Voluminous Lashes EOTD - Beauty Blogger Indonesia

Hello all, What's up? It's been awhile since the last time I updated with an eye look. Recently, I have been experimenting a lot with my makeup. Tried a lot of different styles and technique, well mostly the different type of falsies, to find out which one actually suits me best. What do you think?

Voluminous Lashes EOTD - Beauty Blogger Indonesia

Voluminous Lashes EOTD - Beauty Blogger Indonesia

For this look, I used a few shades of matte eyeshadows. You can see the color transition quite well on the photo above. Please do pardon me for the messy eyeshadow fallouts everywhere, I didn't think it was that prominent until I edited the pictures -thank you to my lovely camera for picking up all the details, you rock!- I basically used a light pink, a slightly deeper pink, and a brownish nude deep pink color on the outer V and on the crease to give slight definition to the eyes.

The lashes are from BornPrettyStore. Go and check it out if you are looking for big voluminous falsies like this. You can find it here and it's Pattern 2.  They are so light and easy to put on. It actually has transparent band. I was quite hesitant at first because I think it would look crazy on me since I have small eyes and lid area but to my surprise these lashes fit me quite well.

I picked out these not so strong colors because I wanted the look to focus more on the voluminous false lashes. I feel like this look is actually quite wearable despite the big crazy false lashes. What do you think of the lashes anyway? They are amazing, aren't they? So voluminous. They might not be your everyday false lashes but they can be great for parties and special events.

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