Unboxing July 2015 Kawaii Box + Giveaway!

I received Kawaii Box a week ago. Ahh.. A box of happiness in my mailbox.

Kawaii Box is basically a monthly subscription box service of cute items from Japan & Korea. Each month it costs you around $18, with free shipping worldwide, and the box will include 10-12 handpicked kawaii items. I say you should definitely try it if you are a hoarder of cute stuffs. I am crazy about cute stationery so I was extremely excited when I saw what's inside the July box!

Okay, let me show you what are included in the July box.

Kracie DIY Chain Candy
The idea behind this candy is so cute. Not only cute, but the taste was amazing as well. At first I thought it would be a hard candy type but it is actually chewable, my favorite kind! I love how it tastes too, reminds me of Vitamin C candies. 

Squishy Donut Mirror 
I was quite sad when the sprinkles on top of the donut fell apart. There's even a bald spot on the right. I'm afraid that I wouldn't be able to bring this everywhere too since the sprinkles just doesn't attach well.

Dessert Eraser, Kawaii Toast Coaster, Pearl Pastel Bracelet
Aren't these just so cute? The pearl pastel bracelet is definitely a nice accessories to add to your collection if you are into Kawaii fashion style. Since it doesn't really suit me, I am gonna give this to my little sister, I think she will love it! My 2nd favorite item in this box is actually this Kawaii Toast Coaster, definitely gonna be using it a lot ♥

Korean Glitter Glue Set
I definitely don't see myself needing this at first, but my sister is loving it so much! However, I am intrigued to use the colorful shapes glitter on the top left corner, as cute addition for nail art.

Rilakkuma Notes
This is also one of my favorites from this Box. I love sticky notes, and this one is not an exception. It's basically a small book of Rilakkuma Notes. There are 6 pages in total. Definitely a lovely addition to my planner tidbits. 

Mushroom Mini Plush & Alpaca Keychain
2 super cute keychains! I'm super loving the Alpaca Keychain.

Cute Pencil Set
My favorite item from this box! This is just so cute~ and I think i'll never be able to use this. Let's just keep this as pretty accessories for the table or as a photo prop. Anything but use it as a pencil :p

Flake Seal Stickers
This is my least favorite among all the items. Such a shame. The one featured on Kawaii Box website is actually a lot cuter, but oh well..

What do you think? Are you a fan of cute stuffs?

Anyway, you can get yourself a box for free! Simply fill in the rafflecopter form below to join :D
This giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY for 2 weeks. 

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Good luck~ 


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