PureHeal's Ginseng Berry Eye Lift Patch

Raise your hand if you often neglect your eye area and keep forgetting applying eye cream like I do! Oh well, I just can't help it but most of the time, I can't seem to remember to apply eye cream. Worry not, because now there are numerous eye patches available in the market. What are eye patches? It's basically a mask specially made for your eyes, so you can say goodbye to dry tired skin. 

Today, I am reviewing another unfamiliar brand from Korea, it's the PureHeal's by Nature Village Ginseng Berry Eye Lift Patch

Made from Ginseng Berry, which is the red fruits of 4-year-old ginseng that are produced only once in its lifetime during one week. It is rich in saponin content that make your skin healthy and firm. This eye patch supplies abundant nutrients to your eyes and effectively improves its elasticity.

The one thing that I noticed the first time, was the 'not tested on animals' sign on the packaging. Together with the all natural ingredient list, this eye patch was a winner. I couldn't wait to try it.

It comes with a transparent spatula to scoop out the hydrogel mask. The texture of the eye patch is amazing, my favorite hydrogel mask. It feels super cooling and hydrates the skin so well. Nothing beats the feeling of applying this at night after a long day at work. I was super satisfied with it from the first use, until I discovered a small bump under my eyes the day after.

Not so sure what caused it but exactly the same happened like that last eye patch from SNP I used last time. Such a pity. However, my mom tried it, and she had no problem with it at all. In fact, she was loving it so much. Or maybe it was only because I applied it too long that it over moisturize my eye area. I am not so sure. 

It was such a shame that it didn't work that well on my skin, but the texture of the hydrogel patch was amazing! It was thinner than the one I tried from SNP, and therefore it adheres to the skin much much better. It doesn't slip, it doesn't move around, even though there were a lot more essence. It was really a great eye patch, and I would have loved it so much if it didn't have this negative effect on me. 


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