Current Nail Situation: Subtle Grey Sparkles

Finally! I painted my nails after ages and this is what I came up with. Nothing really special, I just played with negative spaces, grey polish, and diamonds for subtle sparkle. I have no idea what shade of Orly polish this is because the name is completely scraped off on the bottle, so sorry for that.

I rarely do my nails plain, it's just not my thing :P I always feel the need to add sparkles or a touch of glitter, they just make everything looks better.

It's also my first time trying OPI Top Coat, and I am liking it! It has a really thin and quick drying formula yet gives a super glossy finish, although I would love it if it is has somewhat thicker gel like finish to the nails like my favorite Seche Vite Top Coat but all is good.

Ahhhh~ nothing feels better than freshly manicured nails! What do you think?


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