Popular Products I Regret Buying

These products just doesn't work on me. I have tried them several times and try to work them out, even trying differently each time, but nothing works. Oh well, as the title says, today I'm gonna share 4 products that I bought, believing that they'll work amazing on me because of the countless positive reviews, but I ended up disappointed.

01 // Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex

I remember it was an instant purchase, walked pass Estee Lauder counter and then the next thing I knew, this serum was home with me. I had no idea what's on my mind, but I was so certain about it since thousands of amazing reviews about this is everywhere on the internet.

The moment I tried it, I broke out like crazy, kept using it for a week anyway, and then decided to just stop because no improvements whatsoever. I was frustrated, but I thought maybe it's just my current skin condition or pms causing it. I gave my skin a break, and then decided to give it another try. Nope. It still did nothing but broke me out. This routine went on and on and on for a few times, until I finally gave up. I am not sure why but my skin clearly doesn't like it. Maybe it'll work better on older me. Oh well, such a waste. I'm thinking to use it on other parts of the body though. I hope it'll somehow work so at least I don't waste those money for nothing. Fingers crossed.

02 // Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

It is one of Innisfree best-selling products. Claims to tighten pores, remove sebum, exfoliate dead skin cells, deep cleansing, enhance skin tone. Nah, none of those happens. It does feel good with a cooling effect on skin but I have yet to see any real improvement to the skin after using this, nothing except cleaner and clearer looking skin, which happens anyway everyday after I wash my face. Stubborn pores are still huge, blackheads and whiteheads are still everywhere. Also, spreading this onto the skin is not an easy task, the texture is stiff and thick. I definitely recommend you to go with the original Innisfree Volcanic Pore Clay Mask instead, if you decide to try this.

03 // Beauphoria Carousel C-01

I am still not sure why it doesn't work on me. Maybe I am not used to using curling iron, or it's the barrel size or maybe it's my fine straight hair problem, but either way this automatic curler just doesn't give curls the way I wanted it to. I have tried it when I had shorter hair, and I have tried it on my much longer hair. I have tried curling it with different temperatures, different curling techniques, I tried using it with different hairsprays and hair wax but no matter what I do, the curls just don't last on my hair. It creates this natural waves -which I absolutely love- but my hair will go back straight, even before I finish curling all my hair. The curls don't stay longer than 10 minutes on me. I have tried a thousand times yet in the end, I still get the same result. I think we are just not meant to be.

04 // LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer

I got mine in the shade Porcelain and Toast. They are here on the list mostly because I picked these shades. Porcelain is too pink and Toast is, I'm not sure, it just doesn't look right. I personally don't like the texture. I use Porcelain for the under eye area and it creases and sinks into fine lines, while Toast is just too hard to blend for contouring. I am also not a fan of how the squeeze packaging makes it difficult to control the amount of product. So, yeah ...

I am not mentioning this to discourage or to talk badly about the brands mentioned above. All of it is just my 100% honest personal opinion, and again, what doesn't work for me might work for you. What works for me might not work for you.

Do you have any product you purchased recently that you are regretting?


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