Evete Naturals Lip Balm, Body Butter & Body Lotion

Yet another amazing local homemade brand. Evete Naturals. My first impression upon knowing this brand is how cute the packaging, especially those illustrations, are! I am always impressed by the creativity of local brand owners, mostly because they can produce such good quality products with homemade au naturale ingredients.

I have a few products here: Vanila Lip Balm, Chocolate Mint Lip Balm, Lavender Body Butter, Green Tea Body Butter, as well as the Goat Milk and Honey Body Lotion.

First off, let's talk about the Lip Balms. The packaging deserves 100 points from me! Each of them comes in a outer box packaging and I love how they pay attention to little details, adding in those cute little ribbon for the best first impression.

Evete Naturals have 5 different variants of lip balms; Chocolate Mint, Coconut, Lemon Ginger, Strawberry, Vanilla. It comes in a regular lip balm container. The texture of the lip balm is great! Unlike a few lip balms out there that gives heavy waxy feeling to the lips, these have great texture and consistency. Not too hard, nor mushy, it melts on contact with the lips without excessive oily feeling.

Chocolate Mint, even though comes in a somewhat brown color, is transparent and does not give any color to the lips. Just like how it is described, it smells exactly like Choco Mint and it gives a minty cooling sensation. Not a favorite of mine though since the mint scent is quite strong, but if you are a crazy fan of chocolate/mint (I know a few people love chocolate to death), you definitely will enjoy this one. This is Evete's best-selling variant!

Vanilla surprisingly smells heavenly! I was hesitating at first because truthfully, I am never a fan of sweet scents. I picked this one because this sounds better than the others, never thought that I would end up liking it. The vanilla scent is subtle and not overly sweet, that's why I like it.

Oh, also these lip balms does not give any sweet or bitter taste if you lick your lips. Yes I licked and tasted them for you guys. A quick tip for you with dry flaky lips, apply lip balms generously onto the lips and wait 5-10 minutes. Go ahead and apply your skincare or makeup while you wait. Before applying any lip makeup, wipe off the lip balm with tissue and go back and forth your lips with tissue as you are exfoliating the dead skin. I do this every time my skin are dry & flaky, and it will be baby smooth afterwards. Try it!

Next, is the Body Butter. I picked Lavender and Green Tea. The texture of these Body Butter is extremely rich, kinda oily, but very very moisturizing. The size is actually quite small with only 50gram each but then again, you really don't need much. A little goes a long way with this.

It comes in a balm state at first in the jar, once you scoop it out and spread it on the skin, it turns into milky and then into oil. Might not be for everyday use, but definitely great if you have extremely dry skin! I like to use this at night on drier skin areas, especially my elbow and heels, and they would be silky smooth in the morning. 

Lavender has this strong aromatic scent to it, I am not a fan of it as it is too strong for my liking. Green Tea on the other hand has a lot more subtle and gentle scent to it, and I enjoy it very much! Very calming.

A little caution to you if you are planning to get this, is never to store them upside down or sideways. I put them away kinda slanted, carelessly last time and now oil is dripping out of the jar container.

Last but not least is the Goat Milk & Honey Body Lotion which comes in a pump bottle. Goat milk is well-known for its high benefit, containing high amounts of vitamins and minerals, nourishing the skin while honey works to hydrate the skin and retain moisture. With also additional olive oil and jojoba oil, this body lotion provides extra goodness to your skin.

This one has been a favorite of mine ever since I got my hand on it! It is so easy to use, thanks to its pump container, and how it moisturizes my skin really well.

The texture of the Goat Milk & Honey Body Lotion is just right! Not too light, not too heavy, easy to spread, and gets absorbed quickly onto the skin. It moisturizes straight away without giving heavy or greasy feeling to the skin. Great for everyday, and even good enough for rough dry skin! It also has a subtle mandarin scent to it, which I find it very calming.

Super in love with Evete products, and please do keep making good stuffs for the skin!

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