Mille Beaute Velvet Matte Lip Definer

Ever since I tried lip liner not too long ago, I have been super obsessed with it. Before, I never bother to try one because most of the time I would do only gradient lips / tints, well that's how I like my lips to look like. Also, I kinda hate how lipstick is too time-consuming to apply on my overly thin lips. Now, I totally get why Kylie Jenner is soooo freaking obsessed with lip liner using it all over the lips. It's seriously thin-lips-girl's best friend!

Lip liners are soooo easy to apply and is definitely 100x neater to use than lipstick. Today I want to share with you a bunch of lip liner called the Velvet Matte Lip Definer by Mille Beaute, continuing my previous review of Mille Beaute BB Cream and Eyebrow Tattoo.

Mille Beaute Velvet Matte Lip Definer comes in 9 different shades: from nudes, bright, to dark colours. A pigment-rich, long-wearing lip pencil designed to outline and enhance the natural lip shape. Vitamin-enriched formula applies smoothly and comfortably, leaving matte finish without drying the lips. Firm enough to create precise lines yet soft enough for blending. This lip liner helps reduce feathering of lip colors for more defined, voluptuous lips. 

I am super loving the variety of color and how they actually look exactly the same as the packaging. The colors are all super pretty and best of all is how the pencil doesn't need to be sharpened with sharpener, all you gotta do is twist the golden end to reveal more of the product. Really like how it is so I don't have to ruin the pretty pencil.

The consistency of the lip definer is good! It's not too hard or too soft, really really creamy. Not patchy at all, and it doesn't tug the lips at all. I am super impressed with the quality. They are also really pigmented but the color is buildable too so applying 2-3 times will give you better color payoff.

The finish is not entirely matte but more like silky satin. It's not exactly waterproof or transferproof but definitely long lasting! Here are the complete swatches for your pleasure. I love them all! Even though if I have to choose, my favorite would be 01, 02, 03, 05, and 07.

The color are sometimes a little off when I try to photograph them so refer to the hand swatches above for precise colour! But these should give you an idea on how they looked on me.

01 Creme Brulee / 02 Rose Macaron / 03 Strawberry Sundae

04 Pink Marshmallow

05 Raspberry Mousse - Such a pretty color and it matches my sweater!

06 Sugar Plum

07 Candy Apple - I love how it brightens up my whole complexion and super wearable despite it being super bright. Righttt?

08 Cherry Meringue

09 Tangerine Sorbet

You can also use these lip definers are regular lipstick and create different look, mix and match the colors and blend to create pretty gradient lips! I used 02 and 05 to create this gradient lips for a softer look.

What do you think? Which is your favorite? I definitely think they are such a good product and you definitely have to pick it up if you ever visit Thailand. They are really affordable too, only 295 BAHT / around USD8 each. Well, I definitely am picking up more when I visit Thailand :P

Mille Beaute Thailand 


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