Rivera Moisture Glow LipGloss

Who doesn't love sparkles? I think the gloss and sparkles era is back. There's been so many glossy lips, lids, glitter this and that, basically the sparkles trend everywhere. Do you notice too? It's still not as crazy as the matte lip trend but it is coming and I'm certainly 100% into it!

Well, if you haven't know already. I have always been obsessed with anything glowy, glittery, sparkly, the shinier they are the better :P Today, I have a review of a product I've been liking for the past few weeks, the Rivera Moisture Glow LipGloss.

I usually am not a fan of lipglosses, I have always been a liptint girl mainly because I hate things that are sticky, which is how most lipglosses do -you gotta agree with me this time- but these glosses from Rivera is different! They give glow and volume to the lips without the sticky and yucky feeling. I was in fact quite surprised when I first tried it, these glosses are super glossy -that's almost glass looking- but feel very very comfortable, they feel exactly just like lip balm on my lips, super light and moisturizing!


They also contain tiny glitters. They are not crazy chunky glitters that are visible from afar but they add to more glow making them look extra glossy.

They come in three shades, and my favourite is 01 gorgeous red. How can you not, it's so pretty! and it's also really easy to use, as I can easily pop it on my lips and I'm good to go, especially when I am having a dry lips situation. 02 & 03 however, don't really give any color on my lips, just a tiny hint, but they can be a great addition to any lipstick/lip tint to add extra glow to the lips.

What do you think? Also, Rivera is a local Indonesian brand!


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