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I WENT TO BANGKOK! I didn't exactly share it out here on the blog, but I shared a lot on my Instagram account @everythingaboutbella, especially on Instagram Story. Too bad if you missed it, so follow me there if you haven't already!

Okay, so the trip was sponsored by Mille Beaute as I was invited to a 3-day beauty camp in Bangkok with other bloggers/beauty enthusiasts from other countries too! I just gotta extend my trip because I love Bangkok so much -because I want to shop :P- and during the whole week I was there, these are what I got! I know you guys always love a haul post..

For your reference, 1THB equals to around IDR 400 or 30 cents USD.


Miracle Romance Sailormoon Eyeliner - 580THB for two
I was squealing so bad when I first saw it because it's not really available offline here in Indonesia and then IT WAS ON BUY1GET1FREE PROMOTION, so I just had to get it. I snatched it real quick and I just freaking realized now that one of it is black, and the other is in brown. DANG! Freaking excited. If you don't know this, I prefer brown to black most of the time so this is goooood.

Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner in Brown - 399THB
I am not sure why I decided to get this but It's here .. Now I'm regretting it because I just realized that one of the Sailormoon Eyeliner is in brown.

Freshlight Foam Color in Rose Macaron
Can't remember the price but it was on buy1get1free promotion so decided to get it because I have never tried this color before, sharing it with my cousin.

Senka Perfect Whip - 70THB
This was on sale so I just gotta restock it! Super cheap omg.

Mille Beaute - All thanks to Mille for the Thailand trip, fun beauty camp, and products.
I'm gonna blog more about the trip soon, and I am planning to do a video too (maybe one brand makeup tutorial or first impression and swatches of the products - what do you think?) on Youtube, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, here are all the products I got:
// Satin Matte Liquid Lip Complete Shades
// Forever Black Pen Liner Waterproof
// Rose Collagen Cleansing Water
// Glitzy Glow Palette in #02 Lunar Gold
// Brightening Aura Collagen
// Snail Collagen Pact in #02 Natural
// Translucent Loose Powder in #01 Natural Pink
// Versailles Rosy Blusher in #08 Lindsey Rose and #10 Jolie Rose
// Whitening Oil Control Cushion #21 Light and #23 Natural
// 3D Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown
// 6D Slim Brow Pencil in Dark Brown and Mocha Brown
// Super Whitening Rose Baby Green Base and BB Cream Samples

The History of Whoo Special Gift Set
In Yang Balancer 20ml, In Yang Lotion 20ml, Ja Saeng Essence 4ml, Qi&Jin Cream 4ml. This was also a present from Mille Beaute


Furry Pointed Suede Heels - 1,100THB
I feel like I splurge so much on these heels but finding my shoe size, 35, is kinda hard here in Indonesia so I just gotta get it when I find one that I like.

Kulots - 150THB each
I got lots of them in different colors and style because my mom loves them and I do think they are really easy to wear too, either for casual days or semi-formal events. Also I couldn't miss them as they are super cheap. I bought them from wholesale market so I actually gotta get a few to get cheaper price.

Skorts & Shorts - 250THB each
Brown suede skorts and white highwaisted shorts

Knit Cardigan - 300THB
Super high quality cardigan with affordable price, definitely couldn't miss it! I also super love the fur details on it.

Ripped Jeans - 150THB
Got this dirt cheap at some night market. It's kinda huge on the hips so I gotta have some adjustments done but the light denim color is exactly what I'm looking for, the ripped part was looking good and the jeans material is thick so it was a crazy awesome deal.

Cute Tops // Mostly Stripes and Sabrinas - not more than 200THB each
Left to right: Black Tied Sabrina, Maroon Striped Ruffle Sabrina, Grey Striped Sabrina, Grey Ruffle Top. Green Stripe Knit Cropped Top. Super loving all of them, and somehow I regret that I only got this much from Thailand. Should have gotten more tops/dresses. Really though, #ihavethisthingwithstripes.. oh well...

Cute Kitty Rose Gold Cap - 150THB

There's not that much things I got, right? Bangkok is definitely a fashion heaven though. I am definitely gonna be back when I can. Gotta shop more clothes because I definitely didn't shop enough :P There were lots more that I wanted to get but most of them are from the wholesale market and the only thing that's stopping me is that most of them require me to buy minimal 3 of the same/similar piece.

What do you think of Thailand? What did you do last holiday? Did you also get anything during Christmas or New Year's eve? and oh HAPPY NEW YEAR PEEPS! ♥

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