Chateu Labiotte Wine Sherbet Cleanser

Hello everyone! I know I am a little late on the 'sherbet cleanser' trend but I finally gave it a try with this Chateu Labiotte Wine Sherbet Cleanser. What? Wine? Yes you read that right. This makeup cleanser is infused with wine extract. Aren't you excited? Look at the packaging! Even the packaging is in the shape of a wine glass.

This sherbet cleanser effectively removes heavy makeup as the sherbet balm containing French quality wine melts with skin's temperature.

First let's talk about how precious the packaging is. I am obsessed with how the brand pays attention to the packaging. It is just so pretty! Once you open up the lid, there's another transparent lid to keep the inside from leaking out, and a mini spatula to scoop up the product.

The texture of the cleanser changes in 3 step (balm-oil-milk). It is like a balm at first. Once in contact with skin, it turns into oil by skin's temperature. And with water, it becomes milky!

Super in love with the texture, especially how it turns milky with water, because one thing I hate from cleansing oil is how it leaves a greasy feeling on the skin afterwards. This one cleanses really well with just water, so no greasy/oil skin afterwards. You can actually really get away with just this cleansing step if you don't feel like using another facial foam. Also, I love how when it turns into oil on the skin, the consistency is kinda different from regular cleansing oil and a little heavier, so it doesn't drip down the skin and ends up being messy.

Another point worth to mention is that it is super hydrating! Not only the texture is fun to use, I find it really moisturizing. My skin always feel super soft after washing using this. I love how it cleanses but doesn't strip down moisture on the skin.

Next to test its cleansing ability.

The eyeliner requires a little bit more effort and massaging to clean, but everything else was easy to clean. Well, I did pick the most waterproof and budge-proof eyeliners to test with this. With this, I can say Chateu Labiotte Wine Sherbet Cleanser doesn't disappoint and really does the job in removing makeup.

This is officially my newest favorite makeup cleanser in my stash. I really love how gentle and hydrating it feels on the skin! Definitely recommended if you have dry skin like I do.

It's currently on sale for only USD 16.65 on BBCosmetic with free shipping worldwide! I also have a 8% DISCOUNT CODE: BBBELLA8. So, I suggest you go get it while it's still on sale.

Hope this helps. See you on my next post ♥


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