Nails and Outfit of the day!

I've been loving glitter nail polish, especially gold, and kinda addicted to them these days. I just can't leave the house without some glitters on my nails. Glitter gradient nails are currently my favorite! They are just so easy to do and so sparkly. Oh well, who doesn't love sparkly :p

What's up.

Just a summary of what happened last week in pictures ♥ 
I'll just let these pictures do the talking because they do a better job in explaining than me :p

Clinique Haul

I have dry combination skin, mostly dry skin but an oily T-zone. I have been struggling a lot in choosing skincare products because I need to moisturize my skin a lot but at the same time I experience breakouts a lot if they do not suit me well. This is why I have always been wanting to try this particular moisturizer, the Clinique Moisture Surge, so much. Because so many people have been saying how good it is in moisturizing without resulting breakouts.

New blog. Fresh start.

Hello everyone. My name is Bella and I am currently obsessed about makeup and photography. 

I have tried writing a few times but none have worked out, I guess I am just the type of person who is always either too lazy to write or simply have so little time to update the blog regularly. However, I have been reading a lot of others' blogs, be it about fashion, beauty, makeup, photography, life, etc and I have been itching to write again after quite some time. So, I guess I will try to update as regular as I can. 

Hope you enjoy your stay and thanks for stopping by! :)