New blog. Fresh start.

Hello everyone. My name is Bella and I am currently obsessed about makeup and photography. 

I have tried writing a few times but none have worked out, I guess I am just the type of person who is always either too lazy to write or simply have so little time to update the blog regularly. However, I have been reading a lot of others' blogs, be it about fashion, beauty, makeup, photography, life, etc and I have been itching to write again after quite some time. So, I guess I will try to update as regular as I can. 

Hope you enjoy your stay and thanks for stopping by! :)


  1. Hey (: I just found your blog and it is sooooooo smooooth. although you havent posted a lot yet but your entries and photos are really good ! I hope your laziness won't stop you from keep blogging here (:

    I'd be so happy if you could have a look at my bog and give me some tipps for my stupid/boring layout (:


  2. Hey thank you for the visit and the compliments :) Don't worry I am kinda addicted to blogging now actually and I won't be lazy to update. Thank you once again.

    I visited your blog, and the layout is not stupid/boring. They are awesome as well! I like how there is huge space for the content of the post itself, especially the huge photos. I love it when blogs have huge photos because I think pictures speak thousands words and are more interesting than long writing. The only suggestion I would give is that it would be better if you write in English or at least provide a translating widget on the sidebar, so that people from different part of the world, like me :P, can read your posts :)