Rivera Moisture Glow LipGloss

Who doesn't love sparkles? I think the gloss and sparkles era is back. There's been so many glossy lips, lids, glitter this and that, basically the sparkles trend everywhere. Do you notice too? It's still not as crazy as the matte lip trend but it is coming and I'm certainly 100% into it!

Well, if you haven't know already. I have always been obsessed with anything glowy, glittery, sparkly, the shinier they are the better :P Today, I have a review of a product I've been liking for the past few weeks, the Rivera Moisture Glow LipGloss.

Too Cool For School Glam Rock Series

Too Cool For School Indonesia just launched a new line, the Glam Rock series on halloween last week! I got invited to their grand launching and gifted a few of the products. So, today I'll be sharing a few of the products I received with all of you.

They are so pretty that I was inspired to create a Fall/Winter makeup look using the products, I'll focus more on that on the next post, in the meantime, let's check out the Glam Rock series!