Amaranth Ultra Hydrating Cream

Pave your way to beautiful & healthy skin. It meets your needs. Claiming to give elasticity and moisture to the skin, this Ultra Hydrating Cream is the first out of 4 special skincare steps by Amaranth. Another light moisturizer that's worth the mention.

Doctorcos Amino Acid Hybrid Sheet Free Mask Advanced

Sounds cool, eh? Doctorcos has revolutionized the sheet free mask through its advanced moist veil network technology to provide seven amazing benefits in just one application. This new beauty technology allows a three layer effect to ensure the skin is provided with nutrients, skin pore tightening effects, increased elasticity, intensive moisturizing and incredible hydration capabilities to give skin a soft youthful, dewy glow. No need for external serums, this all-in-one product does it all.

Leaders Moisture Therapy Body Oil Cream

Leaders Moisture Therapy Body Oil Cream has clear and gel-like texture with gold-flecks-like vitamin capsules, which claims to include amino acid supplement that promotes moist body skin. What I really like from this Body Oil Cream is how it dissolves and get absorbed quickly into your skin without any heavy/greasy feeling. I was really surprised when I first tried this product as how it was called Body Oil Cream but doesn't feel greasy like oil at all. I have never tried any body oil before in my entire life and I always thought that body oil would be so unpleasant to use. Clearly I was mistaken. Leaders Moisture Therapy Body Oil Cream is an amazing product!

Hongik Skin Real Oh Bubble The Hayan GT-Cleanser

Bubbly fun. Those are the words that comes to my mind to describe this product. I was really surprised when I first tried this product. At first, I thought it's just another foamy cleanser that you would usually find in the market. To my surprise, it is nothing like a foamy cleanser. This product works and foams by itself once comes in contact with your skin, without the need of water. Sounds magical, right?

ISOI Bulgarian Rose Intensive Energizing Cream

Bulgarian Rose is known for its highly beneficial properties. Being rich in nutrients and vitamins, especially for hydration, vitality and anti-aging, Bulgarian Rose often used in skincare products that could solve all of your skin problems, mainly dry sensitive skin and aging problems. When I first saw this iSOi Bulgarian Rose Intensive Energizing Cream in my BNTbox, I was more than thrilled.

Faith in Face Cherry Scoop Hand Butter

To be honest, I am not a hand cream person. I just hate any kind of heavy or greasy feeling on my skin, especially on my hands. That's why I have always been skipping hand cream and only use them when I really really need to. If you are wondering, yes surely my hands are dry, exactly why I have been trying to put on more these days to get smoother skin. Who doesn't want silky smooth hands?

Today I want to review Faith in Face Butterlicious Cherry Scoop Hand Butter. Doesn't it just sound super delicious? Yum. This Faith in Face Hand Butter promises that "Melt smooth rich shea butter over your hands to give you an intensive nourishment and a touch of cherry and nuts" as it contains 20% Shea Butter. Sounds promising?

October 2014 Favourites

Been meaning to post this ever since the beginning of November but only got the time to actually finish this today. Finally October has just ended. It's just amazing how fast time flies and you don't even realize it. Rasanya kemarin baru aja ribut-ribut pemilihan presiden 2014, dan tiba-tiba sekarang Jokowi Kalla uda sah jadi presiden Indonesia untuk 5 tahun mendatang. Okay, enough with the politics. Emang kalo uda bertambah umur, otomatis jadi lebih conscious dan kepo ya tentang politik, even though in reality I'm completely lost.

Anyway! Today I wanna share with you a couple things I've been really loving for the past couple of months. Uda lama banget ga sih ga ngeshare monthly favorites, I don't even remember when was the last time I posted one, so I guess it's time.