The Versatile Blogger Award

Sorry for being inactive for quite some time. I have been busy with works and stuffs so I did not really have the time to write a proper post. I am working on the next post and in the meantime, this is a little something to get to know me better :p

I was nominated by Phailee from Phailee Panda's Cafe and Lisa from 19th-tealeaf. Thank you  :)♥
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Review: Benefit High Beam and Sun Beam

I am in love with these two products. I got these from my aunt. I initially only asked for Benefit High Beam but she misunderstood me and thought that I want both of these. Well, guess what? I love them both!

Summer Vacation: Bali! ♥

I am sorry for being away for a few days. I went for a summer vacation to Bali, Indonesia with my friends :) It was a 5 days and 4 nights vacation. I loved it and had soooo much fun. To tell you the truth, this is my first time visiting Bali. It might sound weird, coming from a twenty years old Indonesian girl who loves to travel a lot. Oh well, every time my family went to Bali, I was either busy with school or college so I never had any chance to go. Finally..... !!!

June Favourites

Hey, it might be a little too late to post a June Favorite but I guess it's better late than nothing, right? I've been loving these products so much and I just can't help but to share it with you guys. If you have never tried them before, you should definitely check them out! :)

Review: Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in #3 Cherry Peach

Hello guys! Today I'm going to review my current lip favorite product: Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in #3 Peach. I got this about half a year ago but did not use it until two weeks ago. Yeah, I know it is weird but at first I just did not think the color really suits me because it turned quite pinkish when applied. But after trying to work this lip tint for quite a while, I figure it is just because I am not so used with pinkish lip color.