False Lashes #HS-46

Hey! It's been ages, huh? Life has been pretty hectic for the past weeks and so I was always so tired. I'm not gonna lie but a part of me loves to procrastinate a lot, especially these days when I have only free time on the weekends, not on the weekdays anymore. If you have not known yet, I am finally working full-time starting from sometime last month, so yeah.. It's been kinda hard to keep on updating the blog while I even barely have time to rest. Okay! Enough with the rambling, let's get onto the review~

Bornpretty store have always been my favourite store to purchase false lashes, simply because they provide the best preview of each item just so I know exactly what I'm getting, crazy cheap prices especially when they are on sale, and of course because of the free shipping. I do have to say that the shipping does take some time but then when the item you get is of high quality but with super affordable price, it is just worth the wait. These are the two newest false lashes I got from BornPretty Store. They are HS-46 and R-26. I will review one of them first and I'll do the other very soon!