Natur x Female Daily Hair Beauty Dating

Hari Sabtu yang lalu aku ikutan Hair Beauty Dating bareng Natur dan Female Daily. Acaranya super seru dan aku dapet banyak informasi dan ilmu juga dari sana. Ada hair talk, hair styling demo, ada kesempatan untuk hair check, dan yang paling serunya ada hair styling competition juga. It was super fun!

2017 Empties

I have committed to actually really collect everything that I have used up in a drawer and share them on the blog. I think "Empties post" is really the perfect way to share thoughts and reviews on products, don't you think so? Because this way, I can share my honest and thorough experience using products that I have used up completely.

Hope you find these helpful. I have been postponing to post this but here's my 2017 Empties part one, well, it's almost the end of the year so part two surely will be coming up soon too :p My drawer is actually already almost full again with products.

6 Ways to Style Hair with Tescom

Siapa yang suka rempong pengen ganti-ganti hairstyle atau coba beberapa hairstyle tapi gamau punya hairstyling tool banyak-banyak? Aku! Ternyata ada hairstyling tool yang 6-in-1, Tescom Negative Ion Multi Hair Iron, jadi 1 alat tapi bisa ganti-ganti style rambut cuma dengan menggunakan attachment berbeda.