Trinznessychoice Mink Lashes and Horse Lashes

If you are following me on Instagram then probably you'd realized how much I love these lashes from TrinzNessychoice. Lately I have been wearing them a lot that most of the makeup look I posted are all using these lovely lashes. They are all really really pretty, high quality lashes that are surprisingly affordable even though the fact that super natural mink and horse hair are used!

Brite Teeth Whitening Strips

Teeth Whitening at home is now as easy as ABC. There are so many ways you can whiten your teeth at home now, including the super practical teeth whitening strips. I recently came across Brite, that is so affordable and available to purchase easily in Indonesia too!

Mediheal LINE Friends Ampoule Mask

Cutie LINE friends. So cuteeee omg, everything with these LINE characters are so tempting. Today, I will be reviewing the Mediheal LINE Friends Ampoule Mask. I have tried Mediheal mask before, reviewed one of it before here I.P.I Lightmax Hydro Nude Gel Mask, and I have to admit Mediheal makes one of the best face masks!

Sponsored Post: Places to Visit in Singapore

Top places to visit in Singapore - Tempat harus kamu kunjungi di Singapura

Singapore is my second home. Kalo kalian belum tau, aku tinggal dan menghabiskan teenage life aku lumayan lama di Singapore. Satu hal yang paling bikin ngangenin itu adalah mudahnya akses ke berbagai tempat dan atraksi-atraksi indah, dengan berbagai makanan dari banyak budaya yang berbeda. I can never get over how great such a small island can be. Kalo menurut aku, Singapore itu tetep weekend getaway paling oke apalagi karena deket banget dari Jakarta, only 2 hours away.

Well… kalian kalau belum pernah ke Singapore, apalagi di 3-4 tahun terakhir ini kayaknya ga akan percaya sih kalo aku bilang di negara kecil itu ada banyak tourist spot yang superb. You definitely do not want to miss these places if you’re planning to visit Singapore.

Popular Products I Regret Buying

These products just doesn't work on me. I have tried them several times and try to work them out, even trying differently each time, but nothing works. Oh well, as the title says, today I'm gonna share 4 products that I bought, believing that they'll work amazing on me because of the countless positive reviews, but I ended up disappointed.

Evete Naturals Lip Balm, Body Butter & Body Lotion

Yet another amazing local homemade brand. Evete Naturals. My first impression upon knowing this brand is how cute the packaging, especially those illustrations, are! I am always impressed by the creativity of local brand owners, mostly because they can produce such good quality products with homemade au naturale ingredients.

I have a few products here: Vanila Lip Balm, Chocolate Mint Lip Balm, Lavender Body Butter, Green Tea Body Butter, as well as the Goat Milk and Honey Body Lotion.