My Christmas Wishlist

01. sequin dress. for special occasions. (white sequin) (black sequin)
I am currently obsessed with sequins and to find the perfect sequin dress is definitely on the list. I have yet to find one that I really love. I couldn't even find one to my ultimate liking online, guess I still have to keep looking. The white sequin dress above is quite near to perfect but I would like it better if it was off-white and a little bit more sparkly. Oh well...

02. clear acrylic clutch. 
THIS ONE! everyone seems to have a little clear acrylic clutch already. It seems to be trending so much lately and I love love love how it looks combined with everyday chic style. I'll definitely get something similar to this. Maybe in a week or so.

03. the perfect red nail polish.
I have been wanting to own a red nail polish for quite a while now. I don't have any because I don't think vibrant red will look good on me. I am looking for the perfect classic red nail polish. I need one which is not too vibrant and not too dark, more to a deeper red. So far, the two that I like the most are Chanel 475 Dragon and Essie Limited Addiction. Do you, by any chance, know a cheaper version of these i.e drugstore/korean brands? Because Chanel is just way too pricey and Essie is not easily available in my country. Would love to know! 

04. mini skort.
Another fashion item that I have been wanting for quite some time. I think this is super edgy! Don't you think so?

05. little Christmas tree diy.
I'm thinking of doing a little diy project and build my own little Christmas tree. I am not 100% sure what I'm gonna do but I'm excited to create a simple decoration for my room!

06. laura mercier artist's palette for eyes.
YEP. Who hasn't heard about this yet? Most of the beauty bloggers / youtubers that I know have talked about this. I don't even own a naked palette yet but now I want this more than any other palettes out there. The color is just super perfect! It has the perfect balance of shimmery and matte eyeshadows. If you haven't heard about this before, then you should definitely google this. It's amazing! ♥ I can't even provide link where you can get it.

Oh, I created the above image set with Dailylook :P Played around a little bit and found it addicting. kekeke. Just found another web called Polyvore which allows us to create something similar like this too! Perfect for you who doesn't have photoshop! However, I find that Polyvore might be a little more fun as they also include home stuffs other than fashion. Expect more sets like this to be posted on the blog, simply because I find it really addicting :p

What do you think of my Christmas wishlist? 
Do you have anything in mind that you really want to get for Christmas? 

Review: Skinfood Rice Mask Wash-off

I have been using this for quite a while and I am loving it so much. I usually use this 1-2 times per week depending on my mood and skin condition. I bought 20 little sample packets of these almost a year ago and 2 months ago after I am done with all of those, I decided to buy the full jar. I regret not buying more of those little samples as I think they are a lot cheaper and are very handy for travelling. 1 little packet can last me to 3 usages. Isn't it great? and the price was like what SGD 0.30 / IDR 2,000 at that time. GAWD. Stupid me. Okay, stop. Let's get onto the real review.

Tutorial: Subtle / Natural Everyday Smokey Eye Make-up

Yay to my first eye make-up tutorial ever! :D Basically, as you can see on above photo and the title, what I want to share with you is how to achieve a subtle smokey eye make-up which is still appropriate for everyday as well as for the weekends.

I am currently so in love with this look and have been doing it every time I go out for the past 2 weeks. I find that this look will look flattering on those with monolids or asian hooded eyes, like myself. For those of you who don't know, my eyes are kinda hooded/droopy or more likely should be called hidden double eyelids. I have this fat which just droops down and cover almost all of my eyelids, making it look like monolids. If you wanna know about how I did this look, then keep reading! <3

Morning Skincare Routine - Dry Combination Skin

I have dry skin on my cheeks and kinda oily on the T-zone areas, a dry combination skin. I've been hunting for the right products for my daily skincare routine and so far, my skin has been much better and I am liking my current routine. So, here is a list of products I've been using every morning, wrote in numbers according to which one I use first. I hope this list could at least help you guys who have similar skin condition as I am. Let's get started!

My Bucket List

  1. Improve in writing
  2. Meet a great friend through blogging
  3. Having my first giveaway on the blog
  4. Earn from blogging
  5. Design my own web
  6. Learn more about make up
  7. Write a make up tutorial
  8. Have my own youtube channel
  9. and to actually post a tutorial video
  10. Learn more about photography
  11. Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 45mm 1:1.8 Lens
  12. Finish re-designing my room
  13. Design my own makeup vanity
  14. Have a walk-in closet
  15. Have my own online shop selling little accessories for home
  16. Make something from extremely nothing and get to sell them
  17. Do little DIY projects and share them on the blog
  18. Make my own accessories storage / display
  19. Revamp an old furniture on my own
  20. Do an industrial lighting for the garage
  21. Get married to the love of my life
  22. Travel the world or at least most of Asian countries
  23. Visit Disney Land
  24. Ride in a hot air balloon
  25. Go for Brazilian wax
  26. Scuba diving
  27. Bungee jumping
  28. A whole day snorkeling
  29. Make a snowman. A big one.
  30. Help an extreme stranger
  31. Make handmade card
  32. Make ice cream on my own
  33. Get a lasik surgery
  34. Get an eyelash extension!
  35. Find that one perfect perfume and make it my signature scent
Will be updating again every time I think of another one :P
What's on your list?

Little changes

Hey everyone! I was just playing around a little around the blog and decided that the blog needed some little changes. I basically did change a little on the sidebar on the "about me" section. Added a few more buttons to it and finally decided to create a facebook page, twitter account, as well as an instagram account dedicated to the blog! Yay.. Check them out on the left sidebar or below this blog post. Be sure to follow them all, okay?! :p I also did add a cute Pinterest pin it button on hover. That way you all can start pinning everything you like from this blog :)♥ because who doesn't love Pinterest? :P Tell me what do you think about these little changes

Ps. Currently thinking of writing an eye makeup tutorial, subtle smokey eye, as I've been loving how it looks on me so much. I'm not so sure though because I don't really know how to write a proper tutorial. Let me know in the comment below if you would like to see a tutorial on this kind of look. I need encouragement! :p (pardon the weird posing of the second image, that was the only picture I have which really shows the smokey look)


Review: Skinfood Peach Sake Pore BB Cream SPF20 PA+ #2 Natural Beige

Hello! I'm back with another review of Skinfood product. This is Skinfood Peach Sake Pore BB Cream in shade #2 Natural Beige. This has been my go-to foundation product ever since I got it almost 2 years ago. I have tried so many different BB creams, mostly from the Etude House but none of them is this great. Okay now, let's get into the real review!

Hellooooo! I'm back with new haircut ;)

Helllooooooooow everyone! I'm soooo sorry for being away for quite some time. I know it's been 2 months since the last time I blogged. Yeah, I've been pretty busy with things and stuffs so I didn't really have to time to manage and update the blog. Pheww~ So sorry!!

Stillllll, I can't help but to say that I am surprised looking at the blog stats and the number of followers. I get more or less 150 views everyday and new followers even though I stopped updating this blog. So happy to know that people are still enjoying the blog and finds that my previous posts are helpful :)

I promise I will update the blog with a real post quite soon! You can have my words. PROMISE~
In the meantime, let me tell you something. I just had a haircuttttt yesterday. I guess this news is the one thing that motivates me to really update this blog again :p Although it might not sound like a big news to you all. It is for me! I've been having long longgg hair ever since I was in primary school and had never everrrrr cut it this short. However, I am proud to say that I loveeeeee my new hair! Really can't wait to style it ;D


So, what do you think about it? :)