NOTW: NYX Girls Sunday Afternoon

Today I wanna share with you my freshly painted nails. Nyx Girls nail polish in NGP109 Sunday Afternoon reminds me of Christmas and holiday a lot. I think this nail polish by NYX is also super appropriate for winter, especially because it is just so sparkly. I have owned this for quite a while but have never realized how pretty it is until recently. Let's check it out!

Tips & Tricks: For Fine Straight Thin Hair

Do you have fine straight thin hair? and you find that styling your hair is a pain in the ass because your hair is simply lifeless and flat? Does nothing seems to work the way you want it to be? I feel the same way too until I started to discover ways that really works to help in styling my hair, 2 months ago. I am writing this so that you can know how to too! Hope you find the post helpful! :)

Oh, just to show you, this is how my hair used to be.

and here are a few images of how I recently style my hair, just for reference!

Recent Fashion Haul

Hello guys, I am back again with another post. This time I wanna talk about recent fashion items that I got recently! Mostly are from Uniqlo because they were having opening promotion at Taman Anggrek Mall. Let's just get into the items.

Oh! Since these were items I got from local stores, I will also write this post in Indonesian :)
Sorry if the post looks boring because of the amount of writing!

Halo semua, pertama2 aku mau bilang dulu kalo misalnya bahasa Indonesia aku agak agak gimana gitu, mohon dimengerti ya, aku uda jarang banget nulis dalam Bahasa Indonesia, jadi agak kaku. Hehe. Oke, kali ini aku mau ngomongin fashion items yang baru baru ini aku beli. Kebanyakan dari yang aku sebutin di bawah aku beli dari Uniqlo berhubung Uniqlo baru buka di Taman Anggrek Mall trs lagi ada opening promo :P Maaf kalo aku ga bisa inform kalian, aku baru bisa tulis post ini sekarang dan promo nya berakhir kemarin, tanggal 12.

Circle Lens: Neo Cosmo Dali Extra Size Brown

I love natural circle lenses, especially brown colored ones. I have yet to find the perfect brown lens as most of them are either too bright, too huge, or just have too thick black outer ring. I was so excited when I finally found out about Dali lenses and I would like to thank KLensPop for the amazing opportunity to try this one. *beware, picture heavy post!

Review: Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer

My eyelids used to be really oily after a couple of hours outside. Eye shadows and eyeliner always seem to smudge a lot, making my eye makeup look horrible after a while. However, I have to say that my eye make up has never budge anymore when I use this eye primer before applying any eye make up. I really love this product and I think everyone else need to know how amazing this product is! :)

November Favourites