Recent Fashion Haul

Hello guys, I am back again with another post. This time I wanna talk about recent fashion items that I got recently! Mostly are from Uniqlo because they were having opening promotion at Taman Anggrek Mall. Let's just get into the items.

Oh! Since these were items I got from local stores, I will also write this post in Indonesian :)
Sorry if the post looks boring because of the amount of writing!

Halo semua, pertama2 aku mau bilang dulu kalo misalnya bahasa Indonesia aku agak agak gimana gitu, mohon dimengerti ya, aku uda jarang banget nulis dalam Bahasa Indonesia, jadi agak kaku. Hehe. Oke, kali ini aku mau ngomongin fashion items yang baru baru ini aku beli. Kebanyakan dari yang aku sebutin di bawah aku beli dari Uniqlo berhubung Uniqlo baru buka di Taman Anggrek Mall trs lagi ada opening promo :P Maaf kalo aku ga bisa inform kalian, aku baru bisa tulis post ini sekarang dan promo nya berakhir kemarin, tanggal 12.

I recently got obsessed with pants, leggings and patterns and I just couldn't let go these beauty when I saw these first two items.

The first item I want to talk about is this striped pants from Uniqlo. It was on promotion for IDR 129.000 / $12.9 and I just couldn't miss it. At first, I wasn't so sure about getting it but I'm so glad I did. It was cheap and the quality is amazing, it is thick and comfortable. I think the pattern is fun to be mixed and matched as well!

Akhir-akhir ini aku lagi suka banget pake celana, legging, dan apapun yang ber-pattern jadi aku langsung jauh cinta banget nih waktu nemuin 2 items pertama. Yang pertama aku mau omongin adalah celana garis-garis dari Uniqlo. Murah banget kemarin ini cuma IDR 129.000. Kualitas nya bagus banget dengan harga segitu, tebal dan super enak dipake nya. Pattern nya juga lucu banget buat di mix and match! 

Did a little fashion set on Polyvore to throw my idea on how to wear this striped pants :p
Aku juga bikin inspiration set di Polyvore buat kasi liat gimana aku bakalan pake pants ini.

The second one is a legging from Gaudi (a local store). This one was even cheaper. I couldn't believe my eyes at first. It was priced IDR 75,000 / $7.5 and this piece was the last one. So, I definitely just couldn't miss it! The pattern is super edgy and the material is great. I couldn't tell you how amazing it is here but it really is super soft, unlike how leggings usually are. So, I think this was a great snatch.

Item kedua adalah legging dari Gaudi. Legging ini malah jauh lebih murah lagi, cuma IDR 75,000. Aku langsung beli ga pake pikir lagi, apalagi pas aku tau ini uda satu-satu nya disana. Pattern nya keren banget dan material nya super lembut, ga seperti leggings biasa nya. Oke banget deh legging ini!

Another item is also a bottom from Uniqlo :p This one is a navy skort. A cute one. This is actually pants but they overlay it with another semi transparent material outside, making it look like a cute mini skirt. I actually have this in black already but it doesn't hurt to get another, right? :P This one was only IDR 99,000 / $9.9 cheap isn't it? I really love this skort because it is the comfiest shorts I have ever had!

Satu lagi bawahan dari Uniqlo, item ketiga ini adalah navy skort, alias celana pendek tapi ada 1 layer di depan nya jadi keliatan kayak rok. Cute banget! Aku sebenernya uda punya ini dalam warna hitam, tapi mumpung lagi sale, boleh lah 1 lagi :p Ini cuma IDR 99,000. Murah banget! Skort ini tuh celana yang paling enak di pake yang aku punya!

The fourth item I got is a clutch! A very elegant one from Charles&Keith. I've been looking for a nice black clutch my entire life but couldn't find anything that suit my liking, yes I am quite picky when it comes to fashion items. I finally found one and quickly grabbed this love. This black part of this clutch is actually fur-like materials. I love how the black and gold compliments each other very well. Oh! and another great thing about this clutch is that it has a chain which could be hidden inside. Very versatile, isn't it? This one was IDR 599,000 / $59.

Nah, barang keempat nya adalah clutch. Clutch yang satu ini tuh elegant banget. Aku beli dari Charles&Keith dengan harga IDR 599,000. Agak mahal sih buat aku, tapi aku uda lama banget nyari clutch item yang sesuai selera aku, tapi belum pernah ketemu. Nah, yang ini aku suka banget, jadi ga bisa di lewatin! Aku suka banget sama kombinasi hitam dan emas di clutch ini, clutch ini juga ada tali panjang nya yang bisa di sembunyikan di dalam.

Now, let's get onto accessories I got.

This first set is from Uniqlo. A very pretty maroon stones bracelet and necklace. I actually liked the white one but the necklace was out of stock so I just went with the maroon one. They are equally pretty! I am glad that I got these babies! They are each IDR 59,000 / $5.9.

Sekarang kita move on ke aksesoris, satu set merah maroon gelang dan kalung. Sebenernya pas pertama ngeliat ini, aku sukanya yang putih, tapi apa boleh buat, kalung nya sisa yang merah aja. Dua-dua nya sama-sama bagus banget sih jadi aku ga nyesel deh beli. Satu nya seharga IDR 59,000.

The second accessories is a very adorable maroon bow hair tie. I got this for IDR 23,000 / $2 from Stroberi (another local store). Isn't it super cute? Aksesoris kedua ini adalah ikat rambut pita warna merah maroon. Lagi. Aku beli dari Stroberi dengan harga IDR 23,000.

I guess that's all I purchased recently. 
What do you think of them? Which one is your favourite? :D
Gimana menurut kalian? Yang mana favorit kamu?


  1. i love the striped jeggings!Plus your polyvore set is awesome!

  2. Love all the items! I have similar striped pants haha.

    xx Mandy

  3. I love all of the items they look so cool :D I love the bow hair tie it's reaaally adorable and cute! ^ u ^ Thanks for sharing Bella ~ ♥

  4. Love the haul! >u< The bow tie is so Christmassy! xD Also especially love the second pair of leggings/bottoms you bought! I've been looking for something like that for so long! >u<
    Thanks for sharing, Bella!

  5. love these items esp. the black and white stripped pants


  6. Ive been wanting that patterned lagging but i dont have the tops to pair it with :< the maroon bow hair tie is soooo cute! Everyone has been using that lately omg maybe i have to buy it too

  7. I'm seriously in love with your leggings! They're so pretty, I bet they look amazing on too^^ I will keep an eye out for something similar over here hehe, thanks for sharing your haul Bella! x

  8. Loooooove the black/white theme with a pop of color- can't ever go wrong!

  9. Thank you so much :) I love the jeggings too!

  10. Yes! It is super cute~ That's why I purchased :p Thank you for dropping by too!

  11. :D It does remind me of Christmas! You make me think on what to wear for Christmas :P Thank you for dropping by~

  12. Everyone seems to have one bow hair tie :P It was why I wanted it! So glad that I did buy it. You definitely should! It's super cute.