NOTW: NYX Girls Sunday Afternoon

Today I wanna share with you my freshly painted nails. Nyx Girls nail polish in NGP109 Sunday Afternoon reminds me of Christmas and holiday a lot. I think this nail polish by NYX is also super appropriate for winter, especially because it is just so sparkly. I have owned this for quite a while but have never realized how pretty it is until recently. Let's check it out!

NYX Sunday Afternoon is a sheer / almost translucent plum polish with tons and tons of micro silver pink glitters. 2 coats is enough to create subtle sparkly nails but to achieve full opacity, 3 coats is needed. They are both pretty either way. The application was very smooth and not streaky that I can apply a single coat evenly. Consistency was really good, neither too runny nor too thick.

First image shows how it is under natural light and second image shows how it looks like using flash. I used 3 coats of NYX Sunday Afternoon without any base or top coat. So sparkly isn't it? I think NYX Sunday Afternoon is the perfect polish for you who want subtle sparkly nails yet still scream 'gorgeous' for this Christmas / New Years Eve.

This nail polish creates an illusion of longer fingers because of the subtle color. I got mine for IDR30,000 / $3 from NYX Counter. It is cheap but I believe it is a lot cheaper in the States. I think it is such a great deal as the quality is amazing.

What do you think about this nail polish? 
What nail polish do you think is perfect for this Christmas / holiday?


  1. Gorgeous color! *-*

  2. aku justru lagi suka warna deep burgundy red gitu >.<

  3. Iya~ Aku lagi nyari warna deep red. Tapi belom ketemu yang pas sesuai selera:(

  4. It looks nice with 3 shades and your nail shape is pretty <3

  5. so sparkly! :) i thought the nyx bottles are super small im pleased to see it a little bit bigger than what i expected :D or perhaps you have very small hands like me lol

  6. I like this nail polish on your nails too! :) It looks really christmas-ish and your nails are so long! ^ u ^ I honestly prefer short nails with only top coat on it haha. But I think red and green may be good nail polish colors for christmas xD Anyways, Thanks for sharing, Bella :D

  7. Oh sweetie I love it this color of nail polish is very pretty and cute! I really like it!
    Because is like a soft pink glotter, I never tried any nail polish from NYX but this looks like a very cool option! Thanks for your post!

  8. Aku justru lebih suka yang warna kalem gitu :3
    nggak terkesan terang ataupun gelap.

  9. I've recently really started loving glitter polish! You are so pretty!

    Would appreciate if you checked out my blog :)