Summer Vacation: Bali! ♥

I am sorry for being away for a few days. I went for a summer vacation to Bali, Indonesia with my friends :) It was a 5 days and 4 nights vacation. I loved it and had soooo much fun. To tell you the truth, this is my first time visiting Bali. It might sound weird, coming from a twenty years old Indonesian girl who loves to travel a lot. Oh well, every time my family went to Bali, I was either busy with school or college so I never had any chance to go. Finally..... !!!

We stayed at Tune Hotel at Kuta, located just 5 minutes away from the Kuta Beach. I don't remember clearly all the names of places we went to but I can mention some ;p Kintamani, Monkey Forest, Sky Garden, Tanjung Benoa, Turtle Island, Dreamland Beach, Bedugul, Jimbaran.

I don't think I can elaborate the vacation here because it will take ages to write. So instead, I will just post up pictures and let them do the talking! ;)

Aren't these monkeys so cute? These was taken at the Monkey Forest at Ubud. I was so excited and scared at the same time :p Photos below were taken at Tanjung Benoa before we went to the Turtle Island.

Me and boyfie ;)

This is Dreamland Beach, where the beach is surrounded by huge cliffs :)  Super pretty!

And, last but not least.... This is Jimbaran Beach. I like this beach the most, especially during sunset. This beach is surrounded by restaurants all along, so when it gets darker, the lights from restaurants would light up the beach. I love it because the beach is still super pretty during the night even when every other beach would be dark and empty :)♥

Pardon me, but I really am that short and my boyfriend is really is that tall :'(

That is all for my Summer Vacation. Hope you guys enjoy the pictures and will consider Bali as one of your summer vacation destination! ;D


  1. welcome to my country ^^ hope you have a wonderful vacation :)

  2. Bali looks so amazing! Hope you had lots of fun! ^^

  3. Whoa, it looks absolutely AMAZING! Hope you had so much fun! *___* I would love to go here!

    And to answer your question on my blog: No, I won't be reviewing those Tonymoly bunny bars! (Because I've already reviewed the whole set, ahaha xD)

    I just bought 2 more because it'll be included in an upcoming giveaway! C:

  4. Oh my gosh! Bali looks lovely! the water looks so blue and it kinda almost reminds be of bora bora! I'd love to go there one there. ^0^
    Your pictures are lovely and your boyfriend and you are so cute together!

    Thanks for following! Definitely followed back!! Let's keep in touch since we are both fairly new bloggers here ^_^

  5. Wow it looks so pretty! I've always wanted to visit Bali and your pics make me want to go even more.

    xo, alison*elle

  6. bali looks gorgeous and you and your bf are cuties ^_^ love the pics!

  7. Yes.. It is super blue! come visit Bali :p Thank you..
    We should keep in touch :D

  8. Bali looks Awesome.. :) And absolutely amazing pictures.. Loved the beaches.. Its pretty similar to Philippines Mangenguey Island Resort Review

    The Blah Queen