Review: Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in #3 Cherry Peach

Hello guys! Today I'm going to review my current lip favorite product: Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in #3 Peach. I got this about half a year ago but did not use it until two weeks ago. Yeah, I know it is weird but at first I just did not think the color really suits me because it turned quite pinkish when applied. But after trying to work this lip tint for quite a while, I figure it is just because I am not so used with pinkish lip color.

Product description:
Milky smooth texture in cherry tinted colors to accentuate lips with a naturally blushed and moist look.

Net Weight: 9.5g

For those of you who wondered about the difference in the bottle design with the current Fresh Cherry Tint that you can find in store, this is the old packaging. This old series has 3 shades whereas the new series has 4 shades. This #3 Cherry Peach is known as OR201 now.

Lip Tint freshly applied
Lip Tint blended
It comes with a soft doe foot applicator which lets me to apply the product easily and evenly. The color looks orangey on the wand but turned into a nice pink tint when applied. As seen on the two swatches above, when it was first applied it is creamy orange. However as it is blended, it gives my lips a very pretty and natural pinkish tint.

                 Bare lips with lip balm                                                    Lips with Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint
I really like how this lip tint is quite moisturizing and does not dry my lips, like how most lip tints do. However, I do suggest wearing lip balm first before applying this. It stays on my lip for about 2-3 hours. Well, quite good for a person who eats her lip products :p They stain my hand throughout the day, though. So maybe it will stay longer on your lips. However, it is not as vibrant as it was first applied after 1 hour for me. I think this is really great for everyday use, giving an illusion of a healthier lips.

  • The creamy texture, making it easier to blend
  • It does not dry my lips
  • The pigmentation is really good
  • It is buildable either to create a natural or more vibrant looking lips.
  • It kinda tastes like cough syrup, quite bitter when licked.
  • It has quite a scent which I dislike. Maybe it is just cherry. oh well, I don't like cherry.
REPURCHASE? Yes. I would like to try the new one and other colors as well.

What do you think of the Fresh Cherry Tint? Have you tried them? Is there any other lip tints that you love?
Let me know in the comment below! :)


  1. Nice review, it's a lovely color!


  2. It's a great product! I bought this half year ago and still using it often!

    1. I just used it about 2 weeks ago and I think i've used half of the tube already :S

  3. Hey Bella thanks for your review :) I've been looking for a lip tint in this colour, I might try this one out.

    I followed you on bloglovin' :)
    Miss Blissery

    1. Hi. You're welcome! :) Glad you have found what you've been looking for.

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  5. Good review! Your blogs very cute! Would you like to follow each other on gfc and bloglovin'? I'm going to follow you right now ^-^

    - kat

  6. omg this looks gorgeous! i love liptints but i think the cherry smell would be blegh :c the other colors might be better though C: would you like to follow each other on bloglovin?

    1. I don't like cherry too. I think the red is awesome! Might buy it sometime soon. Hey sure! :)

  7. Your lips before wear tint already looks great! after use lip tint, you looks more pretty! it give sweet & romantic loos :-)

    1. Thank you! I agree with you, this lip tint is amazing! :)

  8. I've been wanting to try out this tint for a while now...
    now I'm definitely convinced to get one!


  9. Yours lips already have such a nice colour!

  10. Thank you so much. They were this good only on some days :p Usually they are super dry and flaking all over.

  11. great review! ^^ im planning to buy one in the next few days, i'm glad i read your review, i really need to be convinced before buying something, hhahaa :P i followed you on bloglovin and gfc, hope i can read your blog from now on hihih :))

    Oleta, from

  12. thank you so much :) glad that this review helped you!

  13. Ahh I love natural looking lip colours. I can never pull off crazy ones

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  14. Fräulein SchneeMarch 5, 2014 at 9:50 PM

    This looks really nice on you. Love the color!