Faith in Face Cherry Scoop Hand Butter

To be honest, I am not a hand cream person. I just hate any kind of heavy or greasy feeling on my skin, especially on my hands. That's why I have always been skipping hand cream and only use them when I really really need to. If you are wondering, yes surely my hands are dry, exactly why I have been trying to put on more these days to get smoother skin. Who doesn't want silky smooth hands?

Today I want to review Faith in Face Butterlicious Cherry Scoop Hand Butter. Doesn't it just sound super delicious? Yum. This Faith in Face Hand Butter promises that "Melt smooth rich shea butter over your hands to give you an intensive nourishment and a touch of cherry and nuts" as it contains 20% Shea Butter. Sounds promising?

It comes in a super pretty flexible metal tube packaging with bright pink and yellow colored box. Very pretty and fun. Containing 50ml of product, I think it has the perfect size and design for easy usage and convenience. It feels great carrying this around because it's just super pretty. Pretty packaging always gets me! WHO'S WITH ME?!

As how it is called, hand butter, it has a thicker consistency than regular hand cream. So thick and rich that I need to put extra pressure to squeeze the product out of the tube. But fret not, it gets absorbed real fast. You wouldn't believe it. Within 1-2 minutes after rubbing it in between my hands, it was all gone. No residue, no greasy or sticky feeling. All that's left was just smoother skin. Ohhh that wonderful feeling. I can touch my hand every minute because it's just so smoothhh. I am amazed by how quickly it gets absorbed into the skin despite its thick texture.

See swatches below. This hand butter is so thick that it holds its form really well after being squeezed out from the tube. Look at how rich it is even after being slightly rubbed. I love this cream especially for my elbow area. Wheee~ Say goodbye to rough and dry elbows!

The smell? I am super addicted to it! Believe it or not, I hate cherry. I usually dislike anything that smells like cherry. Also! I hate overly sweet smells. This one however, is different. It smells super delicious, kinda reminds me of cakes and cupcakes. Feel like licking my own hands after each usage. 
Love delicious smelling product? YOU SHOULD TRY THIS ONE.

Definitely a must try if you have dry hands and is looking for rich hand creams. Loving how it transform my skin a lot smoother just a minute after applying it. I bring this everywhere with me now, just because I love how it smells, its pretty packaging (YES. pretty packaging always gets me) and how it makes my skin feeling super soft after each usage.

How about you? What do you think of hand cream? 
Is it a necessity or you would rather spend the money on something else?

Oh! by the way! a short update. If you haven't known yet, I finally got my hands on BNTbox!!! FINALLY. FOR THE FIRST TIME and sadly the last time. I'm hating Indonesian Customs and their stupid rules sooooo much but I am just super grateful that I got a chance to get it this time round. Just can't never thank daddy J enough. So please be prepared to get crazy updates on the blog during the week because I have deadline to catch on.

Product was sent to me for review purposes as a part of BNT Girls.
However review is purely my 100% honest opinion.

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