Leaders Moisture Therapy Body Oil Cream

Leaders Moisture Therapy Body Oil Cream has clear and gel-like texture with gold-flecks-like vitamin capsules, which claims to include amino acid supplement that promotes moist body skin. What I really like from this Body Oil Cream is how it dissolves and get absorbed quickly into your skin without any heavy/greasy feeling. I was really surprised when I first tried this product as how it was called Body Oil Cream but doesn't feel greasy like oil at all. I have never tried any body oil before in my entire life and I always thought that body oil would be so unpleasant to use. Clearly I was mistaken. Leaders Moisture Therapy Body Oil Cream is an amazing product!

Comes in a plastic bottle with white push top cap to dispense the product, it has a very simple and huge packaging. Not the best in terms of design I would say as it is quite plain and pretty straightforward but then I completely adore the packaging! Containing 300ml of product inside, I love how it is packed in a bottle rather than in a huge jar like how body moisturizers are usually packed. Definitely makes application a lot less messy and makes it easier to control the amount of product dispensed.

I have been grabbing this product a lot. I just love how this product smooths out my skin directly after every application. Especially after my night shower to moisturize my drying skin that's dehydrated a lot from the hot shower I've been enjoying lately to relieve tension and fatigue from stressful work days. I know hot showers aren't good for your body but it feels amazing to have one after 8 hours of work everyday. Don't you think so?

Do you see the gold vitamin capsules? No doubt that this product has been a life-saver! Definitely the perfect product to moisturize my body! I've been really lazy to moisture simply because -if you don't know this yet- I can't tolerate any heavy/greasy feeling on my body at all and that's usually the case with many body lotion and butter I've tried. I would probably be using this non-stop all day if I am to live somewhere with winter/drier season like in Korea.

Please do give this product a try if you can your hands on it because it is simply amazing! Too bad I couldn't find any website that sells this. I am not so sure if you can find it in the market here in Indonesia or elsewhere but it should be easier to find if you live in or happen to be visiting Korea.

Tell me guys do you have dry skin? What products do you enjoy using?
I would love to know if you have any product recommendation because I definitely need more encouragement to moisture more.

Product was sent to me for review purposes as a part of BNT Girls.
However review is purely my 100% honest opinion.

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