Review: Skinfood Salmon Brightening Eye Cream

Hi guys, I finally have the time to update the blog. Today, I'm going to review a product by Skinfood, the Salmon Brightening Eye Cream. Hope you find this post helpful :)

Product Description:
An eye cream with arbutin that helps brighten skin around the eyes. Norwegian Salmon roe extract nourishes skin.

To use: Use on toned skin. Apply an adequate amount around the eyes and then gently pat using fingertips for faster absorption.

Net Weight: 30g

Skinfood Salmon Brightening Eye Cream comes in a sturdy metal vintage jar. The packaging is just super pretty and I am actually loving it as it feels luxurious despite its affordable price. However, it might get unhygenic from time to time as you have to dip your fingers every time. Despite of its pretty packaging, I still prefer eye cream in a pump or tube as I hate getting products under my long fingernails. If you understand what I mean.

The consistency of the cream is quite thick but goes watery when applied, so a little goes a long way. It has a subtle smell to it but I cannot really describe it. I'm sorry I'm really bad at recognizing scents. I'm quite okay with the smell so it is not really a problem.

The cream takes about a minute to be absorbed completely and then it leaves an oily feeling to the skin. Although the oily feeling will slowly fade away after some time, it will not be completely gone. I personally do not really like it, so I just don't use this cream during the day.

I bought this eye cream because I am in real need to reduce the dark circles around the eyes and have only read good reviews about this. However, as much as I want this to really work for me, it just doesn't. I do not like the oily feeling it leaves and I have not noticed it making any difference for me. It does not reduce my dark circles and it definitely does not brighten my eyes. It is not that moisturizing either. Well, it's probably just me, please don't be discouraged to try this product. Who knows if it's gonna work for you :)

What I like:
  • Pretty and sturdy packaging
  • Affordable
What I dislike:
  • Oily feeling it leaves
  • Jar packaging, unhygenic
  • Does not reduce dark circle
  • Does not brighten
  • Not really moisturizing
Overall Rating: 2/5
Repurchase? No.

Woots so sorry for the dark images. I edited the photos on my computer and the display setting was a bit off.
Have you ever tried this eye cream before? What do you think of it? Any recommendation for a good eye cream to reduce dark circle? or even tips? Do leave a comment and I will check it out :)


  1. I've never tried this, but it sucks that this doesn't work that well for you:( I don't think I can help that much in terms of products but I like to use a lighter concealer under my bb cream to cover dark circles~ You probably already knew that though hehe ._. x

  2. I guess I am better off eating the salmon than trying this product. To bad it was a disappointment

  3. I haven't tried this eye cream yet. I think it sound quite interesting but I really HATE the jar packaging because it's so unhygienic and it feels so uncomfortable to use it after some time >< I don't know any good eye creams but I heard on a korean beauty show ( Get It Beauty) that the Tony Moly eye patches for dark undereyes should help in 15 min. to reduce them! :o I haven't tried it yet because I haven't found a good side to buy it but I was always interested in trying it! Do you know any good concealer for dark under eye circles? I'm currently looking for a good one! :D


  4. im actually really considering to buy this omg thank god inread your review!!

  5. It's a shame you didn't like it, the packaging really is gorgeous :)


  6. I used this product for a good half a year and it did nothing. I really dislike it actually and the concealer is even worse. (As a warning >_<)

  7. Ah I really dislike jar packagings and my current eye cream's in a jar as well. I realised I tend to 'skip' a step pretty often if that step's in a jar form.

    I heard from a skin-junkie friend that cheaper eye creams don't really 'turn back the clock' and only tries to freeze time, only the really expensive high end ones can help improve our skin's condition. I don't know if it's true, but I hope it's not!


  8. interesting name for a brightening cream ^^ i like the feel of the packaging wish lush had something more like this :D thanks for the honest information on the product :)

  9. Yeah, it sucks :( I do use lighter concealer too sometimes! Thank you for the tips! hehehe ;P

  10. :O I've never heard of the Tony Moly eye patches. It does sound really interesting. I will definitely check them out. Thank you so much for the info! :) oh, I have not found a really nice concealer myself, I usually just stick to a lighter shade of BB cream to cover the under eye circles :p But I've been seeing the Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circles Treatment Concealer a lot and there are many good reviews about it. I am thinking to get one myself :) If you don't know about this yet, maybe you can check it out!

  11. Hey, don't be discouraged by my review. I've seen so many good reviews about this product. Maybe it's just me :)

  12. It really is gorgeous! it sucks it doesn't work for me.

  13. Nothing? Well, I guess we are on the same boat then :p I was thinking to get the concealer too when I got this eye cream, thankfully I didn't buy both!

  14. Yes! Me too! I sometimes skip stuffs when they are in a jar. I get annoyed when products get under my nails xD Oh well, I am currrently trying Clinique's. We'll see if it actually works for me.

  15. Yeah, the name and the packaging are actually what took my attention in the first place :P You're welcome, anyway! :)

  16. I've read a lot of good reviews on this product, so it's a shame it didn't work for you! I don't like products that leave an oily residue though because my skin is mostly oily anyway. Helpful post, thanks for the review :)


  17. I have the concealer, it works for me but never try the eye cream :D

  18. Aw, that's too bad this didn't work too great. I actually quite like the Blackberry one they have, it has a nice light crisp kind of scent and super moisturizing for the winter. I notice it sinks into the skin really well too.

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