Review: Sephora Birthday Gift Palette

Hi guys, I finally managed to get my birthday gift palette from Sephora. My birthday was actually a month ago, in July but the gift was still available to be redeemed until September. So, why not? :p and oh, this post is picture heavy!

The mini birthday make up palette contains 4 eye shadows, 2 lip glosses, and 1 blush.

The 4 eye shadows are each 0.44g and they are:
01. Catherine N03
02. Must Have M04
03. Creme Caramel M08
04. Coffee Brown N08

The 2 lip glosses are each 0.24g and they are:
05. Rouge Shine 30
06. Rouge Shine 05

The blush is 1.95g and is called Exclusif. Exclusive.

The palette is small enough to fit the palm of my hands and is really easy to carry around, perfect for travelling. The packaging is really pretty, with two red ribbons attached to one side of the palette, making it look like a mini Sephora paperbag. Cute!

It came with a clear plactic cover like usual and a mirror inside. Colours are actually really pretty and very wearable, except for Catherine N03 which is kinda too overwhelming for everyday in my opinion. Catherine N03 is a satin silver shadow where Must Have M04 is a matte black shadow, Creme Caramel M08 is a matte beige shadow, whereas Coffee Brown N08 is a satin dark brown shadow. Rouge Shine 30 is a red magenta gloss, while Rouge Shine 05 is a nude pink gloss with very subtle shimmer to it.

Here are the swatches.

Although I was excited when I got this, I was quite disappointed with the quality.The eye shadows are not very pigmented. I had to go back to the palette a few times when I swatched it on my hand just so that it shows. When used on lids, I actually have to take quite a lot of products for it to show. But oh well, I guess it's not that bad since I got it for free :p

The colours of the gloss are actually really pretty too, but they just don't work well with my skin tone. However, I find that the blush is really pretty. It suits me well, and I guess even every skin tone. I love the peachy color and will surely use this up.


  1. Its a beautiful palette Happy Birthday like the colors.

  2. Omg you got a gift palette! Very nice!!! I really like the colors! Happy belated birthday! :D
    Lynn | Makeup With Tea

  3. omg how did you got this for free? Did they sephora sponsor you? :)
    I honestly thought the colors would look really pretty on your arm but after reading your opinion I don't know what to think about it :o I honestly, like all colors except the creme caramel shade because it's barely visible! :o

  4. is the palette free? :o there isn't anything like that where i live. the palette looks lovely though!

  5. The packaging is really pretty! The colours are lovely as well! too bad they're not really pigmented though D:

    xx Mandy

  6. Raimar ღ Guevara ღAugust 30, 2013 at 8:34 PM

    Oh really cute palette, has really beautiful colors and very pigmnted, thanks for share with us. Happy belated Birthday my best wishes for you sweetoe,


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  7. What a sweet birthday gift you have received! But too bad they are not sooo goood....

  8. Congratulations! You got chosen for my first shout out!

  9. Wow! How did you get this palette? Mine was Benefit mascara and highlighter sample.

  10. Hi! Belated Happy Birthday! Pretty blog you have! Please check out mine too.

    Also, I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award so check out for details.

    Ana of

  11. Sephora brand makeup is kind of a hit-or-miss sometimes - although I'm surprised, because I usually find their eyeshadows to be quite good! But last time I got one was a while ago, so maybe they've changed the formula?

  12. belated happy birthday bella - bella means beautiful right? :)

  13. Nooo they didn't sponsor me. It's just a birthday gift. I think it is available in Singapore and Malaysia Sephora. All you need to do is to create a member card in any Sephora stores for free and you will get email notifications about the ongoing sales and of course sometimes free stuffs :p

  14. Yes. It was free. It was a birthday gift from Sephora because I was a member :)

  15. I think this is the gift they gave in Singapore and Malaysia Sephora. Maybe it's different where you live :)

  16. Hey, thank you for nominating. Will let you know once I've done it :)

  17. Thank you :) I don't really know. But I guess it is? Hahaha because people keep telling me it is!

  18. soooo cute, i'm new member and still need to wait until next year zzzz

  19. the glosses look really pretty!
    could I just ask, what is the widget you use for your giveaway widget thingy?

  20. :O! I thought the sephora gift for this year was a benefit mascara

    my birthday is soon though so i'd actually much rather get this gift instead. natural palette woot woot (/^___^)/

    Stars Aligned

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